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Sunday Messages

Missionaries of Charity

2 Timothy 2:8-15 God is reaching out with a crazy notion of love and all he wants is for us to say “yes.” And then he asks that we share that love so others might know him. Mother Theresa received the Nobel Peace Prize 40 years ago this week. Her legacy lives on in continuing mission and ministry that she began in such humble ways. One of her key teaching is that we, too, are called to share in that…

The Center Piece ~ Holy Communion

Through the simple act of sharing bread and juice, we connect – commune with Christians around the world and across time. Often through the time of sharing we experience God’s presence because of the holiness, the quiet, the fellowship, or simply because God is there.

From the Desk of our Pastors

FromThe Desk Pastor John

Summary of the desert Southwest Annual Conference June 2019

Summary of the desert Southwest Annual Conference June 2019 Theme: Called Anew to Follow Below you will find a summary of the work of the 2019 Desert Southwest Annual Conference. For those who may not know this includes all of Arizona, southern Nevada and along the Colorado River. This year, much of the work was routine business relating to budget, staffing and operation of the conference. The matters that are significant, I have bolded so they are easier to spot.…
FromThe Desk Pastor John

Judicial Council Meeting

As I write this note, the United Methodist Judicial Council is meeting to review the work of the February Special General Conference. As their  decisions  are  made available, we’ll be arranging some opportunities to discuss the outcome and impact on Lakeview. I have seen some news reports that I believe are misleading and I want to ask you to be cautious and slow to react as you may hear misleading and even inaccurate information. One headline I saw reported, “United…


“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”
Mother Teresa

Church Announcements


Cancer – Now What?

Cancer Support Group Starts October 21 The Cancer Support Group will begin meeting each Monday in the Conference Room at 11 am till Noon.  The co-facilitators are Jackie Mobed, R.N. and Betty Stewart.  We will use the book Cancer – Now What? by Kenneth C. Haugk, PhD.  This class is OPEN to anyone whose life has been touched by cancer. If you have cancer, had cancer, are caring for someone who has cancer or you may have cancer , this…
The Story by Randy Frazee

“The Story” – A NEW Bible Study

Announcing a new Bible study called “The Story” that will be offered in 8 week classes on Mondays at 1:30 PM in the conference room for an hour.  The first class will start on October 28th through December 16th.  “The Story” is a book/video series by Pastor and author Randy Frazee that teaches on the story of Scriptures intersecting with the story of your life. There is a Participant’s Guide that is available from the church office for $10.00 (if…

Financial Report for October 2019

Finance Report As  you  can  see  from  the Financial Report Summary below, our church went into a deeper hole for August Year-to-Date by a little over $36,000.  After consulting with Tami, the Comptroller, I have discovered two areas where we are coming up short.  While Lakeview people are doing a really great job of giving, we are currently running about $13,000 less than the church’s needs but the giving is still about $2,600 more than last year at this time,…

This Week’s Inspiration


In God’s Own Time

Psalm 65 By James C. Van Der Walt Psalm 65 expresses thanks for rain, which in the dry climate of the Middle East is seen as a blessing from God. People pray for rain so they can irrigate their crops, so that the harvest will be abundant, so that the community can be fed, so that neighbors can enjoy a comfortable existence side-by-side with one another. It is easier to live peacefully when the community experiences abundance rather than scarcity.…

Hearts, Minds, Love

Psalm 119:97-104 By Sudarshana Devadhar Much earlier than Jeremiah’s prophecy, the psalmist’s words attest to his love for the law, the law called by many names. According to the translation in the New International Version, the laws are also called “commands,” “statutes,” “precepts,” and “word.” The psalmist clearly loves all of them. The psalmist offers several reasons for loving the law of God. One is because laws are sweet and powerful. In expressing the nature of its sweetness, the psalmist…

Abject Weakness and Unquenchable Power

Luke 17:11-19 By Brian W. Grant Jesus has set off on his journey to Jerusalem and Golgotha and stumbled upon the most stigmatized people of his time. In this borderland, where Jews and Samaritans live across invisible boundaries on the same streets, he meets ten lepers. Any of today’s healers would find it challenging to redeem the lives of a handful of undocumented HIV-positive immigrants with the wrong religion. It’s a daily dilemma to parcel out our finite healing power…

Testimonials and Thanks


Thank You’s for October 2019

Thank You   To all the members and friends of Lakeview Methodist Church. For all the kindness and generosity in moving me from my house to my new apartment, and all the dedication and work in setting up and attending to the estate sale. I don’t know how to thank you enough. You are all “heroes” in our book. Alyce and I both thank you.                                                                                                                             Robert Coulson      I would like to THANK everyone who sent cards, called me…
Caring Hands_012

A Letter from a Loved One

A letter from a loved one Dear Brother David,    And if you are receiving this, you are indeed a friend.  I just wanted you to know how very grateful I am that you were a part of my life.    It has been a wonderful life; thanks to my parents and sibs; my good husband, Ted; our five wonderful children, their families and friends like yourself.    Keep on growing, glowing and knowing that we will meet again.  But…

Thank You’s for September

Dear Lakeview Congregation, Today we received your THREE wonderful checks.  They came just at the right time to help us make this week’s payroll.  Your generosity from the Mission & Outreach Committee; the United Methodist Men’s Group, and the United Methodist Women really saved the day for us.  We are so very grateful to have friends like you.  I am looking forward to coming to TNT on October 10 to share with you what is happening at the Justa Center. …