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Our anticipated in-person return to worship
has been delayed due to rising covid cases in the area.
Watch here for updates as the situation changes rapidly.

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10298 W Thunderbird Blvd. Sun City, AZ 85351

Online Sunday Services

November 22nd – Open the Eyes of My Heart

Nov 22, 2020 Online Worship – Open the Eyes of My Heart Today’s scripture: Ephesians 1: 15-23 Charles Dickens, nineteenth century English author, accused Americans of celebrating Thanksgiving all wrong saying Americans should complain one day of the year and give thanks on all the other 364 days to thank God for all our blessings. Paul would not agree with Dickens. He tells us we should focus on God gifts and blessings with the Lordship of Christ. In his prayer…

Are you Invested?

Are you Invested? Today’s scripture: Matthew 25:14-18, 28-29 Living as a disciple is a lot like investing, there is risk involved. Unlike investing, we have a guaranteed return when we invest with God. Walking with Jesus can be uncomfortable at times, dangerous at others. We are always outside the norm when we serve others and when we share the gospel because our faith can only be proven in our soul and from the labor of our hands. This passage is…

Nov 8, 2020 – The Cooperative Imperative

Today’s scripture: 1 Thessalonians 2:9-13 We see the results when people fail to cooperate at the political level; stagnation, battles, hard feelings, and anger abound. But as disciples of Jesus, we are called to cooperate in ministry and life and this goes beyond denominations, beyond our own prideful desires to place the kingdom in front of all we do. If it’s good for the kingdom of God, it’s good for us. To put it another way, when we cooperate and…

Church News

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Stewardship 2021

Dear Lakeview Family, I bring you greetings of thanksgiving from the finance team! I don’t need to tell you what an odd year this has been, yet there is much to celebrate. At the end of October, we are about 7% behind on pledges, but we have saved money during the closure and we received a payroll protection loan enabling us to keep all staff employed through the lockdown period. With some special gifts through bequests and other means, I…

2020 UMW Reading Program

LAKEVIEW UNITED METHODIST WOMEN For those members who are participating in the 2020 UMW ReadingProgram, please stop in the Library and bring your Reading Program Formup to date. They must be completed by December 4th . It has been a roughyear for the Program but we have done our best. Next year will be better!Your Reading Program Forms are in the small binder on the UMWbookshelves. If you have a question, please contact Jeannie Hill A big thank you to…

Heifer Update for October 2020

Heifer Update for Oct. 5, 2020 Today we will visit Benjamin Masembi Kyengo from Kenya.  Benjamin lived a hard life before Heifer.  He was married at 22, had 3 children, and worked on the dock – loading and unloading cargo for low pay.  With his savings he bought a gas stove, not knowing it had been stolen.  One of the men who had stolen it pointed the finger at Benjamin.  He spent 2 years in jail in a room with…

“The Story” – Bible Study Starting Soon

Starts Again at Chapter 17 on November 16, 2020 Announcing the continuation of the Bible study called “The Story” that will offer a NEW 7 week class (Chapters 17 – 23) on Mondays at 1:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall for an hour. The class will start on November 16th through December 28th. This study will cover chapters 17 through 23 this time and each chapter stands by itself.  “The Story” is a book/video series by Pastor and author Randy…