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Bible Stories For Grown-Ups

Bible Stories For Grown-Ups

Luke 24:13-16, 25-27, 30-32 Luke 24 recounts the two disciples walking back to the village of Emmaus when they are joined by the resurrected Jesus whom they do not recognize. In their discouragement, they were not thinking about their history and didn’t yet understand. By recounting the stories, Jesus encouraged them and they realized the true message; “their eyes were opened.” We need to hear over and over about God’s great love for us. Story is powerful. Story draws on…
Called Out of the Country

Called Out of the Country

This is Western Sunday and as we have fun doing something, a bit different than normal we can draw attention from the lyrics of Country Western songs and their authentic perspective of life and hope in the human condition. Then, we can see the authenticity of a God incarnated in Jesus who comes from humble beginnings to deal with the reality of our lives.

From the Desk of our Pastors

FromThe Desk Pastor John

Summary of the desert Southwest Annual Conference June 2019

Summary of the desert Southwest Annual Conference June 2019 Theme: Called Anew to Follow Below you will find a summary of the work of the 2019 Desert Southwest Annual Conference. For those who may not know this includes all of Arizona, southern Nevada and along the Colorado River. This year, much of the work was routine business relating to budget, staffing and operation of the conference. The matters that are significant, I have bolded so they are easier to spot.…
FromThe Desk Pastor John

Judicial Council Meeting

As I write this note, the United Methodist Judicial Council is meeting to review the work of the February Special General Conference. As their  decisions  are  made available, we’ll be arranging some opportunities to discuss the outcome and impact on Lakeview. I have seen some news reports that I believe are misleading and I want to ask you to be cautious and slow to react as you may hear misleading and even inaccurate information. One headline I saw reported, “United…


“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”
Mother Teresa

Church Announcements


Cancer – Now What?

Cancer – Now What?  by Kenneth C. Haugk, PhD This is a book that Stephen Ministries and the Spiritual Enrichment Committee have available through their joint beginning program on a Cancer Support Group.  It is a book that helps those with Cancer and their loved ones to take action; find hope; and navigate the journey ahead. A  Cancer Support Group is being formed because so many members of the Lakeview family have been touched by Cancer, either themselves or a…
HeidiConcert (18 of 21)

Heidi Hernandez Concert 8-8-19

Lakeview Concert Series Heidi Hernandez Those of you who came to the second TNT during the month of August were treated to a superb concert with Heidi Hernandez, after an excellent dinner.  Dinner was delicious, of course, thanks to Chef Linda and her wonderful kitchen staff.  The concert opened with the familiar ‘Tea for Two’ as a tribute to Heidi’s loving grandfather, then continued with a chronology of her favorite compositions; each more special than the last.  The highlight of…


Mission U 2019 On the first Friday and Saturday of August, our church was honored to host the United Methodist Women – Mission U Conference.  UMW is an organization on the fore-front of social issues which has been in existence for over 150 years. There were 5 classes for everyone to sit and learn from challenging instructors. Studies such as 150 years of UMW History, Social Justice, Spiritual Growth (Practicing Resurrection and Radical Discipleship), and What about our Money (a…

This Week’s Inspiration


Reaping What We Sow

Isaiah 5:1-7 By Marshall Gilmore Isaiah 5:1-7 is a parable that makes one point, which Isaiah takes a roundabout route to reach. He starts with a wedding scene. As friend of the bridegroom, he says, “Let me sing for my beloved [my friend] my love song concerning his vineyard: My beloved had a vineyard on a very fertile hill.” The bridegroom has done everything for the vineyard, the bride, to be fruitful. He gave it a prime location. Plus, he…
Summer Daze

Desiring a “Better Country”

Hebrews 11:13-16 by Mary Lou Redding On this midsummer Sunday, we are deep into the season of the Christian year known as ordinary time-the longest season of the liturgical calendar. The festivals of Easter and Pentecost are memories, and Advent is far ahead on the planning calendar. These days bring few special observances in the church-they are “ordinary” time. For us here in the South, August can also bring long days of stifling heat-the “dog days of summer. “This August…

God’s Parenting Love without Limits

Luke 12:16-21 by MarLu Primero Scott Those who store up treasures for themselves. . . are not rich toward God. The parable Jesus tells us to buttress his point about possessions is poignant. l cannot resist sensing the passion of God for those adopted into the heavenly family who simply trust in God’s word. If we rely on the wisdom of God as parent, we rid ourselves of unnecessary stress. My conversation with a parishioner one beautiful autumn day brings…



July / August Thank You’s

 I wish to thank everyone for the support shown me during my recent illness.  I am grateful for the prayers, cards, phone calls,      and the prayer shawl.  I am especially grateful for the homemade grapefruit juice when I was unable to eat.  I still have treatments to undergo but know all will be well because of the love continuing to be shown to me. Know you are all in my prayers.         May God continue to bless you…

Pearline’s Story

Pearline’s Story We have all heard stories from agencies about their good works but how often can we put a face that has been helped with a particular agency.  This is Pearline’s story.  Pearline is now 91 and a valued member of Lakeview United Methodist Church in Sun City, Arizona. Back in 1956, Pearline was a single mother with a boy (4) and a girl (5) and was living in Oakland, California.  She was offered a promotion but this position…


Friends A Friend is one, who “know us” – our guilt and our shame – Regardless of our many sins Friends love us just the same. Years ago, I wrote those lines trying to describe “Friends.” Tell me:  what is your version? – “Your wisdom, never ends.” “A Friend in need, is a friend, indeed” – as the old “saying” goes – Friendship is much more than that – as anybody knows. – We have all kinds, so many Friends…