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10298 W Thunderbird Blvd. Sun City, AZ 85351

Church News



Congratulations Lakeview United Methodist Church on your Golden Anniversary What started as a small group meeting in the bowling alley down the street in 1970 has emerged into a beautiful campus on the corner of Thunderbird and 103rd here in Sun City, Arizona.  Under the beginning leadership of Dr. Smoot and his wife, who walked the streets of Sun City, knocked on doors and invited people to this new church, we are now enjoying the successful work of many pastors…

Pastor John’s View August 2020

Thoughtful Ramblings For much of my adult life, I thought small groups were, well, silly. Maybe a waste of my time. Oh, I was in quite a few from Boy Scouts to law enforcement, there always seemed to be a need for a small group to work together. I think I equated the church “small group” to many of the leadership training seminars I had attended where they break you into “triads” or “quads” to discuss the points the facilitator…

Financial Report for July 2020

Financial Report for July 2020 PRAISE GOD That Lakeview UMC is Still Positive Through July Year-To-Date As you can see below Lakeview UMC is still positive for July Year-to-Date (YTD), however, Lakeview did not do so well for the Month of July. The results for the Month of July were a Negative $12,508. However, since so many people have been able to be faithful to giving more in previous months, the July YTD amount is still a positive amount of…

YESHUA – The Promise, The Land & The Messiah

Week Three Yeshua News In weeks 1 and 2, we explored the logistic basis for the importance of the Palestinian Peninsula which was occupied by one great force after another. The takeovers of the Assyrians to the north and the Babylonians in the south led to the exile of major landowners and persons in positions of leadership in governmental and religious circles. God granted Cyrus the Great with taking over the Mediterranean countries and releasing those Jewish exiles who wanted…

Sunday Messages

Forgiveness Fitness

Today’s scripture is: Matthew 18:21-35 Unforgiveness eats as us like a cancer. It is self-imprisonment. Jesus wants to free us and helps us to forgive. Forgiving flushes the pain and toxins from us setting us free to reclaim joy. Forgiving those who have wronged us, or even ourselves, brings us healing and wholeness that frees us from being victims to the wrong. It benefits our loved ones too because our unforgiveness keeps us from being whole in our relationships. Forgivness…

Formative Moments, Shaping Faith

Today’s scripture is: Exodus 12:1-4 What events have shaped your faith? This week we look at a major event in the Bible that has shaped both the Jewish faith and became a key event in our Christian faith, the Passover. From a historical event and record to a deeply spiritual shared ritual that opens the door for the Holy Spirit in our lives. The Passover marked an event in the life of the early Israelites when they began the exodus…