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10298 W Thunderbird Blvd. Sun City, AZ 85351

Sunday Messages

Born Anew

John 3:5 Titus 3:5-8 The Nicene Creed declares the identity of Jesus based on scripture and the witness of the Apostles and early church fathers. It is that declaration of our hope though Jesus and that gives us joy even in difficult times like the present. Make your donation today Paul and the other early disciples understood what Christ had done on the cross and just how important is is that we realize Christ died for us even while we…

I Believe

The Nicene Creed is important because it grounds us into one of the essentials of faith; the Holy Trinity. It spells out the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, the nature of God and the Holy Spirit and the co-equal nature and unity of God. It is a way for us to understand how God interacts and to see his character in human terms.

Putting it all Together in the Wesleyan Way

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” ~Helen Keller Let us gather our gifts together and offer them to Godin gratitude and praise. Make your donation today! Watch the entire service here: 8:00 am Message9:00 am Service10:30 am Service

Sanctification, A Wesleyan View of Discipleship

Acts 1:8, John 15:4-5, Romans 5:8 Making Disciples in the Wesleyan tradition means that it is practical and accountable. Practical in that we are engaged in the world in good works and sharing the gospel of Jesus and accountable in that we are engaged in small groups where we encourage, pray, study, and hold one another accountable. Wesley, through his formation of the “Holy Club” developed a way to be practical in faith, not just in worship and the sacraments.…

Church News


A Word From our Media Arts Director

A Word From our Media Arts Director As we are forced to close the doors of our church buildings for the foreseeable future because of COVID-19, we are left asking what sort of congregation we are. We will have to connect with each other online, and our community of care will exceed the bounds of social distancing. Having to close the doors of our church buildings because of the public health emergency leaves me asking myself: What is a congregation…

How to Be the Church

A Day in the Life of Being the Church What does a typical day of “being the church” look like for us? I doubt that there is such a thing for us as a typical day, but I will describe what one day looked like for me. After spending the morning on jury duty, I came home and changed to go running. First, however, I watered plants and pulled weeds for a neighbor who is out of town. Then I…


Just for fun, a short story about Lent by Kell Brigan Sister Mary Stephen badly bruised her hip the morning of the first Thursday of Lent. Mother Zoe suspected that Sister Mary Stephen had been fasting the day before, which was Ash Wednesday, even though Sister was over sixty and not required to do so. In fact, Mother Zoe had specifically forbidden her to fast since Sister did have a tendency to overdo such things. Nevertheless, that Thursday morning, while…


What is Reparation? Reparation is making amends to or helping another rebuild. Each of us is accountable for our own actions. We learned this week in our Bible lesson “The Story” to live like Christ. Where? Everywhere – at home, at church. The world can be horribly damaging. War can damage. Slavery has damaged. Our country has imprisoned and persecuted others. People of many races have suffered. We either live, have heard of or maybe know of someone who has…