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The Online Church Directory is here!

You can access the online directory on your desktop or laptop computer or through a mobile app you can install on your tablet or smart phone. Instruction for getting the online directory If you do not have an email setup with the church office or you are using one that is different from the one we have on file in the church office you will need to contact us before you will be able to access the online directory.
The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

If you have not joined our prayer and Bible study as yet, you are welcome. Each session stands alone. We have covered three types of prayer which include reading Scripture. They are Centering Prayer (listening in the silence for God’s Word to us), Lectio Divina (reading Scripture for meaningful words and insights for us), and Contemplative Prayer (reading Scripture to place ourselves within it and discover who we might be and what role would become in a Gospel story). These…

Heifer Updates for July 2020

What’s happening with the Heifer Project At home and around the world, God’s children are responding to the coronavirus pandemic.  People involved in Heifer programs have developed new markets, implemented practices of hand washing, mask wearing, social distancing and new means of greeting and communicating with each other.  Briefly, here are a few examples from around the world. Ecuador – A group of small-scale farmers are packaging 300 food baskets a week, then delivering to those in quarantine. Bangladesh –…

Back to School 2020

Back to School Supplies ARE Needed for EARLY August Schools in some form or another will start in early August and we support the El Mirage School System.  Your Mission and Outreach Committee watched for bargains… so last year AFTER the kids went back to school and the “Backpacks” were on sale, we purchased nearly 70 of them to be filled. IF you have already purchased a backpack, great, bring it along. Our goal is 100 nice backpacks for the…

Monthly Financial Report May 2020

Financial Report for May 2020 PRAISE GOD For Another Good Financial Month at Lakeview!! As you can see below everyone who calls Lakeview home did another GOOD job in May of following God’s lead to give generously.  Although we had a small loss in the month of May of $3,062 negative we continued to have a positive for May Year-to-Date (YTD) of $3,485.  Another reason this is so great is because based on past experiences, we were expecting May YTD…

The Navajo Nation Says Thank You

The Annual Conference ended Saturday, June 13, 2020 and Billie K. Fidlin, the Director of Outreach & Justice read the following thank you from Mel Rodis from the Navajo Nation.  At that point the Desert Southwest Conference of the United Methodist Church had received over $30,000 in donations for the Water for the Navajo Nation Mission Project 2020. The Navajo Water Project District raised over $63,000. Several more churches were still collecting, as was ours – Our finally tally to…

Callers Needed!

Callers Needed! You can make a difference by the simple act of a phone call! Have you been wondering what to do with your spare time? Make caring phone calls as a valuable ministry! People in our church love to receive a call that is not trying to sell them something! You may also make a new friend!  The new church directories are available for pickup on a table at the back door of the church office in a plastic…
FromThe Desk Pastor John

Pastor John’s View Point for July 2020

In Acts 16, Paul and Silas are thrown into prison after Paul had commanded an evil spirit from a slave girl and her owners lost the profit from her fortune telling (v16-21). Paul and Silas were beaten and jailed for disruption. During the night there was an earthquake and the doors to the jail were opened and when the jailer realized what had happened, he started to kill himself but Paul stopped him and said, “Don’t harm yourself. We are…

On the Shelf for June 2020

Welcome to the Betty Barrick Library! We have wonderful old and new books that are good to read. The Printed Letter Book Shop by Katherine Reay This is the story of four women who have worked in a bookshop in Winsome, Illinois.  Each of the women have their own stories with the shop.  Maddie was the original owner of the shop.  When she died, she left the shop and her house to Madeleine Culler, her great niece, who was a…

Heifer Update

The following is from a letter I received from the President of Heifer International, Pierre Ferrari. “Heifer India is Supporting Smallholder Farmers After Cyclone Amphan”  Cyclone Amphan did an estimated $12.2 billion dollars worth of damage in West Bengai last week.  Farmers supported by Heifer India in Odisha reported extensive damage to chicken coops, kitchen gardens. And paddy fields, affecting families nutrition and sources of income.  Women farmers that are part of Hatching Hope, a project that promotes small-scale poultry…


Circle Meetings take a summer sabbatical, even longer since it started several months early. But our Book Club and Circles and their Leaders are still available to give you updates and information. We hope to begin meeting again in September!! DELL – Marion Kolb, LeaderMary Martha – Jackie Mobed, Leader       Crafty Crafters – Barbara Kolacki       Book Club – Lynn Thornton So much has happened, or NOT happened, if you hadn’t noticed! Our Spring Unit Meeting and Tea was cancelled, and…

Heifer Update for June 2020

Good news!  Our donation of April 27th has been matched.  The total to date for the Flock Sale Two was 25 flocks., with the match – 27. The following is what can and has happened with a flock of chicks. Georgina Perez received her flock of chicks in Mexico. Heifer training taught her how to care for her flock.  Soon her chicks were growing rapidly.  Then they began laying eggs, and more eggs than her family could eat.  Heifer connected…
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