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Bible Study

Bible Study-The Woodmark

Introduction At a point in Israel’s history, at the time when the law was given, God instructed Moses to build something known as the ‘tabernacle’. These brief studies will be added to a vast amount of written material on this subject that has kept keen Bible students amazed for centuries. I have entitled it ‘Jesus in the Tabernacle’ because basically every aspect of this incredible design points to Christ in one form of another. He is central. Hence why we…

Informal Hymn Sing Worship Service

8:00 am Informal Hymn Sing Service Join us this Sunday for a :45-minute casual service in the chapel. Sing the hymns you want to hear. Pray for loved ones that are in need of special prayers. Most of all you will hear a short compelling message from one of our pastors. Concluded by holy communion. Join us at 8:00 am this Sunday for a warm and loving worship experience!

Classic Worship Service

9:00 am Classic Service Join us this Sunday for a 1-hour service in our beautiful Worship Center. You will experience a touching traditional service that includes our Choir, traditional hymns, a pastoral prayer and much, much more! Meet our friendly members from all over the United States at a Fellowship gathering immediately following the service in Smoot Hall! Come and join us at 9:00 am this Sunday for a traditional and friendly worship experience!

Sunday Fellowship

Sunday Fellowship Join us this Sunday for Fellowship! Between the 9:00 am service & the 10:30 am service. Enjoy snacks, beverages and fellowship. Come and meet our members, pastors and enjoy the friendship that makes up Lakeview United Methodist Church. You are invited to join us this Sunday starting at 10:00 am! We would love to meet you! Hosted by Suellen Dolson and her wonderful volunteers.

Casual Worship Service

10:30 am Casual Service Join us this Sunday for a 1-hour service in our beautiful Worship Center. Our blended serves combine a casual and traditional service where you will experience more upbeat hymn singing along with soloists singing emotional hymns, a pastoral prayer and much, much more! Come and meet our friendly members that hail from all points of the US! Join us at 10:30 am this Sunday for a unique worship experience!
Bible Study

Sermon Afterglow

Sermon Reflections Small groups offer a place to connect with other believers in fellowship; to grow in our understanding of the Bible, and reflect on the Sunday message, as Jesus’ own small group of disciples did. You are invited to join us this Sunday! Open to all. Hosted by Eli Reeves.

Exercise Class

Lakeview UMC is committed to providing this much need class for our Church members and the community. The class has been ongoing for at least 10 years. Some of the original participants are still coming to this day. Donna says, “The people here are great. I loved the fellowship and we have fun working out together. We look forward to coming each week because Dr. Woods makes it enjoyable.” Falls are the second leading cause of accidental or unintentional injury…

Cancer Support Group

Cancer Support Group This class is OPEN to anyone whose life has been touched by cancer. If you have cancer, had cancer, are caring for someone who has cancer or you may have cancer , this group is for you. 

The Story – Bible Study

The Story – Bible Study “The Story” is a book/video series by Pastor and author Randy Frazee that teaches on the story of Scriptures intersecting with the story of your life.

LUMC Volunteers – Halle Women’s Center

The Halle Woman’s Center allows women access to a safe environment, case management, healthcare, 3 nutritious meals and day, computer lab access and resources to help them become independent.


What Is DivorceCare? DivorceCare groups meet weekly to help face the challenges of divorce and separation and to move toward rebuilding your life. This 15-week Christ-centered program includes three main parts: Videos, group discussion and personal Bible study. The videos feature teaching from over 50 leading Christian counselors, teachers and pastors who speak on topics important to people undergoing separation or divorce. The videos also contain real-life stories of people who have been through a marital breakup, as they share…