The Worship Network

The Worship Network

Worship Network Report – November 4, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 1:10 PM with prayer by Marion Kolb. The October 2, 2018 minutes were distributed and approved as printed. Discussion from the attending principals included:

USHERS – Jim Betz reported their 10:30 usher crew is quite stable. A backup list of ushers would be helpful, but any last minute problems have proven to be solvable so far. Al Houdek, 9:00 AM usher chair was absent. (1) The issue of new usher lapel tags was addressed by Marva Fife. She was given the approval of this network to contact the person she had indicated earlier was willing to make new ones. We need 10 of each of 5 liturgical colors. It was agreed the most uniform type of clasp would be the magnetic ones (for both men and women), but those with pacemakers or defibrillators cannot wear the magnetic clasp on the left side so there will be some available for other types of clasps. The magnets can be added here at Lakeview. (2) Marion suggested it may be time to clean, sort and organize the cabinets on either side of the front door. The ushers agreed. We’ll work on getting it done. (3) Some of the toddler activity bags appear to be missing.????????

GREETERS – Dottie Neil-Paap reported she uses two greeters for each service and her volunteer list is full, but new volunteers are always welcome as fill-ins. She makes it a point to make a reminder call to greeters for the upcoming Sunday.

ACOLYTES – Marion reported Marcia Greendyk and Nancy Petersen will be alternating months as the new acolytes for the 9:00 AM service. They started their duties the first Sunday in November. Thank you Marcia & Nancy!!

LITURGISTS – Sharon Burke reported she has filled all slots through July of 2019, but new volunteers are always welcome. (1) A suggestion was brought to a member of this Network that it may look better on the screen and on Facebook if a real Bible was used for reading the scripture rather than a sheet of paper. Following discussion, it was determined a change would not be made at this time as the pastors use a variety of different translations for their weekly scripture choices and it is more effective to have good, readable copy for a better presentation by the readers.

PEW CRAWLERS – Farris McCullough was absent from the meeting. Arlan Steen reported he has been helping Farris in the sanctuary each week. He also reported there are still a number of outdated Stephen Ministry brochures in the pew racks. Other supplies are adequate. Myrlene Hugo reported she is doing the chapel each week and Bonnie Boisvert assists when she can. (1) A suggestion was made that latex gloves should be made available for those picking up communion cups after the services. No specific action was taken on this suggestion.

ATTENDANCE RECORDERS – Arlan Steen reported all is going well in this area. A reminder, again, that the red registration books need to be placed at the end of the pew only, not in the book rack.

WELCOME WAGON – David McCord reported there is still very little use of the Welcome Wagon, however, supplies available are all current.

COMMUNION STEWARDS – Marion reported Communion stewards are still needed for the 9:00 AM service preparation. In the meantime, she, Sarah Butcher and Lucille Greer are taking care of the duties. Martha Gentry, Bertha Chambers and Bonnie Fitting (when possible) are taking care of duties for the 10:30 service and the cleanup after. It should be noted Martha Gentry also provides and cuts all the bread for communion each month. Thank you, Martha!!

AUDIO VISUALS – Glade Kynaston was absent from the meeting. Jim Betz indicated Glade had reported to him that the Facebook & YouTube viewers on Sundays is steadily increasing.

SEASONAL DECORATING/VISUALS –Gwen reported the Christmas decorating is almost complete. Marva Fife has joined their team and has agreed to do the periodic altar decorating as suggested by Pastor John. They will be compiling inventory lists of all their supplies and taking photos of tree location, etc. for convenience in decorating from now on.

MUSIC – Priscilla Woodley reported the choir will be doing their Christmas music presentation “Lessons & Carols” on Sunday, December 9. This will be enhanced by soloists, narration, trumpets and tympani. She also reported the Handbell Choir is continually improving and will be performing monthly during Sunday services through May. She commended Jeanne Meisser for her directing assistance.

STAFF – Pastor John reported anything he would have brought up from the staff meeting has already been discussed in previous discussions.

OTHER – The altar flower project, as suggested by Pastor John, is going well.

There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 2:35 with prayer by Pastor John.

Our next meeting will be JANUARY 8, 2019 – 1:00 PM – Conference Room.


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