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It’s Not About Us

Galatians 6:11-16 People willingly accept traditions – until they find out they may have to change their old habits. We are also more than willing to have others follow the traditions we have approved. Persons in the church sometimes try to force others to accept particular traditions. In Galatia, a group of law-observant Jews are pressing the Gentiles to be circumcised, a Jewish rite. And yet for Paul that physical distinction has no bearing on the Gentiles’ acceptance of Christ…
New Life

Rise to New Life

Luke 7:11-17 Her only son has died. Being a widow with no male in her family, she will now be dependent on others for care. She can only hope that others will provide for her. Relying on charity, she faces the burial of her child. She must feel hopeless and grief stricken, as she walks along with the funeral procession. Then something extraordinary happens. Jesus comes to the bier, lays hands on it, and tells the young man to “rise.”…