'Helping others' Tagged Posts

'Helping others' Tagged Posts


Adult Vacation Bible School – Update

Adult VBS We have had such a great boost in our ideas and our VBS planning from Lakeviewers who attend meetings! This past week, our VBS planning team decided to carry forward with the “Candy Bar Ministry” proposed at our first meeting. What a SWEET TREAT that will be every day! Come and see…and taste! Another program we are going to carry forward will be an “After” program between 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM for VBS attendees who want to…
Helping Others

Something More

Revelation 21:22-22:5 Most Sundays after church we pick up fast food. Usually we go through the drive-through to bring the food home. It never fails that whenever we go, the same homeless man approaches us to ask for money; and every time, if we can, we give him a few coins. One day I realized God was asking me to do more. I did not hear a voice out of nowhere; I simply felt a tug in my heart. That…

PALS Program

Changing Lives at Lakeview The P.A.L.S.  program provides support services to assist others in their daily lives, here is a list of the ways you can help. PALS PROGRAM OPTIONS I. RELOCATION  Help with downsizing to smaller unit, such as Assisted Living or group home  Help pack and set up in new home  “Neighbor Helping Neighbor” Sales II. MEDICAL ASSISTANCE  Medical visits: Be a second set of ears at doctor’s offices as well as take notes for patient to have…