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Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers: The After People

HopeHealingStephen Ministers are the “After People”! They come alongside us after the phone call we hoped we would never get, after the funeral is over and folks have all gone home, after life falls apart, after the doctor delivers a terminal diagnosis, after the nursing home director welcomes a new patient to his or her new home, and after our family and friends have heard our story one too many times but we still need to talk it out. We all need “after people” to come alongside us and provide comfort and support for as long after as needed. Any of us can be an “after person” for someone else! Join us as we begin our training classes for this fall and winter on Wednesday, October 16 at 9:00 a.m. in the Music Room.

God’s Love in Action

stephen-ministry2The risen Christ told his followers to teach, heal and give hope to people wherever they meet them. As Christ’s disciples, we are directed to do likewise. St. Paul said we should bear one another’s burdens. These directives from the early Christian church shape and mold the ministry of offering care and comfort in today’s world just as they did so long ago.

Stephen Ministry was begun in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1975, to ensure that lay ministers caring for people approach the concerns of others using time-tested approaches for offering comfort, acceptance and understanding in a ministry supported by the church’s clergy and by trained Stephen Leaders.

Here at Lakeview we care for people until we say a final goodbye to them. There may be a mis-perception that older people don’t need much help, but the challenges of aging and loss are very, very difficult to confront. We prize the ministry of our members who are committed to journeying as companions alongside of any of our Lakeview family during a time of need.

Sometimes, people’s needs are brought about by a personal crisis; sometimes, a person isolated and lonely finds healing in the company of trained Stephen Ministers. Most of us have known times in which it would have been a great comfort to have someone who would walk alongside of us and just be present for our feelings and thoughts, comforting us by their presence and encouraging us by their faithfulness. It is a great gift to have someone nearby in times of difficulty and uncertainty, someone willing to sit and listen so we can resolve for ourselves whatever our concerns may be. These companions are called Stephen Ministers.

Each year we begin a new class of Stephen Ministers who receive fifty hours of training followed by monthly supervision. They learn to come into our lives as caregivers, not cure givers. Only God is our Cure Giver. In confidential one-to-one relationships, Stephen Ministers often open the door of our hearts, minds and spirits for God’s presence already with us.

You are invited to consider this ministry. This year’s training begins on Wednesday, October 16, 2019, at 9:00 AM in the Music Room.

For more information, contact Pastor Ross or Pastor Linda at 623-974-5821 or talk with a Stephen Minister or Stephen Leader on Sundays at church.


                                                Wednesday –  9:00 to 11:30 AM

Wednesday, October 16 Module 1 (Blue)      (Ross & Linda)

                   —  The Person of the Caregiver & Developing Self: The Jo-Hari Window

                             Assignment: Read Christian Caregiving – A Way of Life

Wednesday, October 23: Module 2: (Blue)   (Jan & Joyce)
  • Feelings: Yours, Mine & Ours

                             Week of October 28 – November 2, 2019 – RUMMAGE SALE


Wednesday, November 6: Module 3 (Blue)   (Ross & Linda)

                   — The Art of Listening

Wednesday, November 13: Module 4, Part I (Blue)          (Ross & Linda)

                   – Distinctively Christian Caregiving (Part One)

Wednesday, November 20:  Module 4, Part II (Blue)        (Ross & Linda)

                   — Distinctively Christian Caregiving (Part Two)

                                       THANKSGIVING  WEEK: November 28

 Wednesday, December 4: Module 5, (Blue) (Eli & Kathe)

— Process versus Results in Caregiving

          AND    In-Class Handout – The Small Step Approach

 Wednesday, December 11: Module 7 (Blue) (Ross & Linda)
  • Maintaining Boundaries in Caregiving

CHRISTMAS  BREAK: December 18 – January 1

Wednesday, January 8: Module 9 (Blue)       (Ross & Linda)

                   – Confidentiality

                                     Module  21 (Red) –

   Ministering to Those Experiencing Losses Related to Aging

Wednesday, January 15: Module 17 (Red)    (Jan & Joyce)
  • How to Make the First Caring Visit

                                       Module 10 (Blue)   

  • Telecare: The Next Best Thing to Being There
Wednesday, January 22: Module 11 (Blue)   (Eli & Kathe)
  • Using Mental Health Professionals and Other Community Resources
Wednesday, January 29: Module 15 (Red)    (Ross & Linda)
  • Bringing the Caring Relationship to a Close

          Module 20 (Red)

                   —  Caring for People Before, During & After Hospitalization

Wednesday, February 5: Module 19 (Red)    (Ross & Linda) :

Ministry to the Dying, Their Family & Friends

Wednesday, February 12: Module 8 (Blue)   (Ross & Linda)

                   – Crisis Theory and Practice: Danger versus Opportunity

Wednesday, February 19: Module 12 (Blue) (Ross & Linda)

                   – Ministering to Those Experiencing Grief

                             Assignment: Read Speaking the Truth in Love: How to Be an Assertive


Wednesday, February 26: Module 6, Part I (Blue)            (Ross & Linda)
  • Assertiveness: Relating Gently and Firmly (Part One)
Wednesday, March 4:  Module 6, Part II (Blue)      (Ross & Linda)

— Assertiveness: Relating Gently and Firmly (Part Two)

Wednesday, March 11: Module 13 (Blue)     (Ross & Linda)

                   — Dealing With Depression: The Stephen Minister’s Role

Wednesday, March 18: Module 14 (Blue)     (Ross & Linda)
  • Helping Suicidal Persons Get the Help They Need
Wednesday, March 25:

    Module 16, Parts I & II (Red)]        (ALL)

                   – Supervision: A Key to Quality Christian Care    

Trainees bring both the Blue and the Red books                

Follow Me (Red Book)        (ALL)

Sunday, March 29:

                   Consecration of New Stephen Ministers by the Congregation

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