Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers Do More!

Homebound   church   members   get   a Stephen Minister assigned to visit them, sometimes.  Stephen Ministers also visit those who lose a loved one to death or to divorce.  Recent retirees who feel lost without their jobs, those with a devastating disease diagnosis, those who have a loved one with a substance abuse problem, and those who lose a child or a grandchild all are hurting and benefit from the visits and caring attention given by their Stephen Minister.  Non-church members may get visits from a Stephen Minister when a loving friend calls the church to report their problem.  Many life challenging events trigger the assignment of a Stephen Minister to walk with the troubled person through a difficult time of adjustment and recovery. 

    Yes, a Stephen Minister does more than just hold the hand of a lonely person confined to their home or to an institutional setting. Stephen Ministers are not house cleaners, cooks, nor a taxi service.  They do more than that in making a difference in the lives of those they visit each week.  Stephen Ministers help to find resources, make appointments, develop confidence, and above all, draw their care receiver closer to Jesus Christ.  They represent The Lakeview United Methodist Church and the person of Jesus Christ wherever they go.  You may know of someone who could benefit from the weekly visit of a Stephen Minister,  and  you may  feel  God speaking to your heart about taking the training needed to become a Stephen Minister yourself! 

    Stephen Ministers do more than they ever dreamed that they could because of their calling, their training, and their dependence on the love and power of God’s Holy Spirit who is with them every step of the way! 

Please call the church office when you recognize someone who needs a Stephen Minister, or when you have a question about becoming one of these outstanding volunteers!

    Become a Stephen Minister and do more! Call Pastor Ross or Pastor Linda with questions and referrals at (623-974-5821).

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