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FromThe Desk Pastor Ross

Caring Ministries

Caring Ministry, we have over 30 Stephen Minister along with offering a Grief Share program that is a bible oriented grief recovery program
Wonder Waters

Wonder Water

When we go “through the waters” of real life it’s good to know the wonder water of baptism binds us to the family of God.
The Great Day is Coming

The Great Day is Coming

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The Case of the Missing Baby

The Case of the Missing Baby

The baby Jesus is typically not seen in the manger until Christmas Eve, unless you’re talking about public Nativities. The past few years there seem to have been many stolen out of various nativities around the country. Why are people drawn to steal them? But more important, where is baby Jesus in your home, in your life, in your work? Do you keep him hidden away? Do you let him out to be seen in your life?
Birthdays? Who Remembers

Birthdays? Who Remembers?

Surrender to the commercialism and secularism of Christmas or remain focused on the promise; “A son is given.” How will you remain focused on Him? Mary’s song helped her to remain focused on the promise fulfilled even though the timing wasn’t right for her, even though she didn’t fully understand. Blessed are you with eyes wide open to the signs of God’s presence all around you.

Nine Lessons and Carols

Lessons and Carols Every year, North Americans dive deep into the beauty of the service called Nine Lessons of Carols. One of the very well-known services is the service of “Nine Lessons”! This service starts at 3pm of the UK time during the eve of Christmas and is also broadcasted on Radio on BBC and also around the world.  This service began by Edwards Benson who was the Bishop of Truro at that time, in 1880! And, the service was…
Lord of All Ages

Lord of All Ages

Christ is relevant in all ages to all ages. This consistency and timelessness is the piece we need in a world in constant change full of unpredictability.
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