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Priscilla Ordway Woodley

Priscilla Ordway Woodley


What year did you start at Lakeview? 2016

I’m the daughter of a pastor and a teacher, so church music and worship has always been a big part of my life. I started taking piano lessons when I was in kindergarten, started choral accompanying in grade 5, and playing for church in grade 6.  My career began as a college professor of voice, opera and choirs. After ten years of teaching, I wanted to refocus my career on church music. My passion for church music has not stopped growing since that time. I’ve worked for Presbyterian, Methodist, Nazarene, and Lutheran churches. I also taught at Catholic colleges, so I have a lot of background in worship and music for that branch of the Christian faith, too.

Here are a few miscellaneous bits of information about me.

  1. I was the “only” child of a pastor and a teacher.
  2. My father died when I was age 11.
  3. I was one of 23 grandchildren in the Ordway family and the youngest of 12 in the Woodley family. I am still close to a lot of my cousins.
  4. I’m a Pacific Northwesterner – born in Washington, raised in Oregon, college in Idaho
  5. By the time I was age 18, I had lived in 18 different houses in 8 towns.
  6. As an adult, I’ve lived in Kansas City, Missouri; Nevada, Missouri; Newport News, Virginia; St. Cloud, Minnesota; Portland, Oregon; and in Sun City, Arizona since 2010.
  7. I’ve owned 7 houses over the years.
  8. I’ve had 8 poodles over the years.
  9. I have two last names – Ordway Woodley. Ordway is my maternal family name; Woodley is my paternal family name.

My dream is to own a home on a lake and have a boat.

Training and Education

Bachelor of Arts (BA) magna cum laude in vocal performance and music theory from Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho

Master of Music (MM) in vocal performance from the Conservatory of Music and Dance, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) in performance from the Conservatory of Music and Dance, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Special Interests

First among my interests are my three poodles: Johannesberg “Joey”, a silver miniature poodle; Sierra Leone “Sierra”, a black miniature poodle; and Asia, a red toy poodle. Woodley poodles get either a name starting with “J” or a geographic name; my girls always get both a first and middle name. The current trio were proceeded by Jody, Jennifer Rose, Felicia  Louise,(the sole exception to the naming conventions),  Joshua, and India Rose.

I love to remodel and decorate my house, so I usually either have a project in the works or I’m busy planning the next project. I do some upholstery and sewing for my own home and for other people, too.  I also design and sew clothes for American Girl dolls.  I love to read and got a Kindle for Christmas last year. I also enjoy movies and eating out with friends.  I used to own my own RV and loved traveling that way with my dogs.  (When I retire from church music, I’m going to get another RV and do more traveling.)

I also am very dedicated to genealogy – both for my own family and for other people, too.  After I do all the research for a family, I usually write a book that starts as far back as I can document the family, then has a chapter for each subsequent generation. I include lots of photos and copies of documents, so hopefully my books are very interesting and informative. I also speak about genealogy and my family story to groups.


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