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Glade Kynaston

Glade Kynaston


What year did you start at Lakeview? – 2015

As the youngest of 4 (brother 17 years older, sister 15 years older, brother 13 years older) I grew up pretty much as an only child. While growing up our families were always very close, on my father’s side of the family there were 9 siblings along with their spouses and kids, my mother’s side there were 14 siblings with spouses and kids. There were very few weekends that I can remember where there weren’t any aunts, uncles and cousins around. My father was sort of the official photographer/videographer of our clan, so naturally when I was old enough (6/7) I became his assistant and what is known as a second shooter.

I bought my first camera with the money I earned from my paper route at the age of 9 (a Kodak Instamatic), and as they say the rest is history. My work has been in art shows around the world winning several awards. My primary focus has been commercial work, the images of food you see on the menu, yes those are real pictures (you wouldn’t want to eat that food though!), TV and web video commercials, those sort of projects. Now my primary focus is on producing high quality images and videos for the church to help spread the word of God worldwide.

Training and Education

After retiring from my contracting business in 2009 I went back to school and received my Associate Degrees in Photography, Video Production and Audio Engineering. I also took a few classes jewelry making.

Special interests

Woodworking, building wooden model Tall Ships, jewelry making and fantasy football.

Getting to Know the Staff

What is your favorite Scripture? – Jeremiah 29:11

Which individual, alive or dead, would you like to eat dinner with the most? – Jesus

What are you passionate about? – Producing a flawless video of a live church service

Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled? – St Lucia

If you could visit anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go? – Rome

What’s your hidden talent that no one knows about? – Multi-tasking, drives my wife crazy! Listening to the radio, working on the computer and talking to her at the same time; she is always asking me “are you even listening to me?” (I just tell her yes I am!).

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