People Abounding in Loving Support

Loving Services Provided for Lakeviewers

  • Assistance with Downsizing:
    • Provide help with housing choices, with packing & setting up a new home, and with Neighbor Helping Neighbor estate sales.
  • Companion for Medical Care:
    • Become a second set of ears during medical visits.  Help with medical terminology.  Provide rides to and from your doctor.
  • Transportation:
    • Provide rides to medical care, pick up prescriptions & groceries and running errands.
  • Financial Management:
    • Fill out VA forms; prepare/review tax forms; explain AZ Long Term Care System benefits; assist on visits with bankers and paying bills.
  • Minor Household Help:
    • Handy men and women perform light household help indoors and outdoors for homebound and ill or disabled members.

February 4, 2019

During our meeting, we reviewed the newly created sheet for Lakeviewers to use in order to sign up for short term assignments. Revisions were made.

Plans were created to introduce the sheet using a skit at TNT on February 21. The focus of the skit will be our need for volunteers to provide transportation mostly for people with no way to get to and from doctor’s appointments. Marva pointed out that almost any of the PALS short-term assignments pivot around transportation and the difficulty that our homebound people and folks undergoing treatment and recovery have in finding a ride or someone who would run a short errand for them. Many of our leadership team have provided rides for our members and have been gratified by the opportunity they gained in feeling closer to people they never knew before they volunteered.

Once the program was set in place for TNT and after reviewing the sign up form and making revisions, the leadership team members mentioned that we might create a series of tips for doing well despite living alone or living with a spouse without either person’s being able to handle many of the tasks they once did. Two suggestions were:
Installation of Lockboxes containing a front door key so that the fire department
doesn’t have to break in to respond to a 911 call for help.

Keeping a card in the glovebox of our cards with contact information in case of
an accident in which we could not respond for ourselves so that rescue persons
would know who to call and the name of the driver.

Can you use some assistance? – Could you be a PAL a couple of hours a month?

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