Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

 United Methodist Women

Leadership Team Meets Fri., January 10th, 9:00 a.m., in Smoot Hall

  • DELL Circle – 3rd Wed, 1:00 p.m., Fellowship Hall. Leader, Marion Kolb UMW
  • Mary Martha Circle – 2nd Tues, 1:00 p.m., Fellowship Hall. Leader, Jackie Mobed
  • Sarah Circle – 4th Tues, 12 p.m., Smoot Hall. Co-Leaders, Suellen Dolson, Bluette Henriksen
  • The UMW Book Club – 4th Thursday, 10:00 a.m., Library. Leader, Lynn Thornton

The Lakeview Unit gathered on Friday, Dec 13, to celebrate Christmas and our unit accomplishments for 2019. An array of different soups prepared by the Leadership Team warmed our bodies, meditating on the gifts of the Magi and what various symbols of Christmas mean warmed our hearts, and celebrating our accomplishments warmed our souls:

                Our Unit received 5 Star Mission Award for 2018 Mission Giving

                Our Unit received Honorable Mention for District Unit of the 2018 Year (of 19 active units)

                10 members were awarded Reading Program certificates

                We hosted nearly 100 ladies of the West District for Mission u in July (and will do again next year!)

                Our Mission Giving for this year (itemized below):

Global Missions  
5 Star Mission Giving $3,334.00
UMCOR 500.00
Legacy Fund 100.00
UMM – Heifer Project 500.00
Local Missions  
JUSTA Center $1,220.00
Valley View Food Bank 500.00
Sun City Posse 200.00
UMOM 1,000.00
Wesley Center 500.00
Az Agency On Aging 500.00
Eve’s Place 300.00
Sunshine Angels 300.00
Phoenix Dream Center 300.00
Streetlight USA 500.00
WHEAT 500.00
Widow’s Mite 20.00
Lakeview UMC  
General Fund, Staff gifts $1,900.00
Grand Total for 2019 $12,154.00

We also voted in our 2020 Leadership Team :

                                 President  – Susan Briner                                                             

Vice President – Jackie Mobed

       Treasurer – Marion Kolb                                                                 

Secretary – Marty Merryman

Secretary, Program Resources/Reading Program – Jeanne Hill

Coordinator, Missions/Social Actions – Judy Houdek

Coordinator, Spiritual Growth/Membership Care – Donna Petterson

Circle leaders and the Book Club coordinator are also members of the Leadership Team.


United Methodist Women’s Sunday, Jan. 12.  We will celebrate a new year and the installation of the 2020 Leadership Team . Susan Briner, will present a sermon on Forgiveness.

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