Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

 United Methodist Women

Leadership Team Meets Fri., January 11, 9:00 a.m., in Smoot Hall

  • DELL Circle – 3rd Wed, 1:00 p.m., Fellowship Hall. Leader, Marion KolbUMW
  • Mary Martha Circle – 2nd Tues, 1:00 p.m., Fellowship Hall. Leader, Jackie Mobed
  • Sarah Circle – LAST Tues, 6 p.m., Smoot Hall. Co-Leaders, Eileen Pike, Kathe Wilson
  • The UMW Book Club – 4th Thursday, 10:00 a.m., Library. Leader, Lynn Thornton

Our December Unit Meeting was Fri, Dec. 14.

First order of business was of electing our 2019 Leadership Team:

President – Susan Briner  Vice President – Jackie Mobed
Treasurer – Marion Kolb  Secretary – Marty Merryman
Secretary, Program Resources – Jeannie Hill
Coordinator, Missions/Social Actions – Judy Houdek; assisted by Eileen Pike
Coordinator, Spiritual Growth/Membership Care – Donna Petterson

The Circle Leaders and the Book Club Facilitator are volunteers but are also members of the leadership team:

Lakeview Book Club – Lynn Thornton Sarah – Suellen Dolson, Bluette Henriksen
Mary-Martha – Jackie Mobed DELL – Marion Kolb

We also heard a report from Treasurer, Marion, about our Unit’s 2018 giving:

Total Revenue: $14,916 (unit pledges, Rummage Sale, Craft Fair, Least Coin, World Thank Offering)

  • $2810 – Pledge to Mission
  • $140 – Least Coin
  • $200 – World Thank Offering
  • $990 – Gifts in Mission/Memory/Recognition
  • $150 – United Methodist Women’s Legacy Fund
  • $6350 – local & ecumenical missions (Sun City Posse, UMOM, Wesley Community Center, DOVES, Eve’s Place, Sunshine Angels, Benevilla Center, WHEAT, Street Lights USA, VV Food Bank, Choices Pregnancy Center, Widow’s Mite)
  • $550 – UMM for Heifer Project
  • $100 – school supplies for Mission Committee’s back-to-school mission
  • $500 – LUMC Good Samaritan Fund
  • $270 – LUMC library books
  • $850 – LUMC staff gifts (Christmas)
  • $1000 – LUMC General Fund
  • $425 – trailer purchase for LUMC use

for a total of approximately $13,235 for 2018.

We also heard a true story from one of our own members who, as a struggling single mom of two young children in the 1950’s, benefited from the generosity of United Methodist Women at a time when she needed and received help to be able to work and take care of her children, enabling her to not only work, but advance her career—a true testament of how the focus of United Methodist Women on women, children and youth has not only immediate, positive changes in lives, but long-lasting results that we never know about! AMEN?!?!

The program of the day inspired us to look differently at secular symbols of Christmas as we learned about the legends and stories behind some of them: gingerbread men, who are first created and then consumed, represent fallen Adam (the spices give them the color of dirt—“from dust …to dust); that Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer can be seen as symbolic of being brought back in to favor with God, after first being rejected by his own kind; and more. We used the symbols to decorate a beautiful tree in Smoot Hall as we first listened to Christmas carols, but broke out in spontaneous singing! Such a joyful moment of reflection as we decorated the tree and placed our food gifts under it! We then enjoyed several varieties of soups provided by the Leadership Team and an array of Christmas goodies provided by members.


United Methodist Women’s Sunday, Jan. 20. We will celebrate a new year and the installation of the 2019 Leadership Team as United Methodist Women take over the pulpit and the services that day. Susan Briner, our new President, will present a sermon entitled “Love is a Verb.”