Music Ministries

Music Ministries

Music Ministries

The role music plays in developing and growing our ministry cannot be overstated. The worship experience is not only about hearing a message from our pastors or learning a new interpretation of Scripture; a complete and fulfilling worship experience involves community-building, bonding and creating atmosphere through physical vibration as only music can.

The music is one of the first things people notice when they attend a church service. The style, the instruments and the choice of songs exert great influence over the audience. Such an important part of the service is not randomly arranged each week but is the work of a devoted music ministry in the congregation.

Music Ministry Definedmusic-ministry

A church ministry is an action or service that is done in response to God’s call on a person’s life. The music ministry uses music in some way to serve God. Service to God through the music ministry is generally expressed as service to the congregation of a church. Encouraging believers, supporting the sermon, praising and worshipping God, and sharing the gospel with nonbelievers through song are all responsibilities of a music ministry. Other essential roles include gathering people for the beginning of a service, unifying a group for worship, providing segues between parts of a service, and entertaining the congregation. Although the choice of song and style of music differ across congregations, the definition and purpose of a music ministry are universal.
The great composer Johann Sebastian Bach said, “The aim and final reason of all music is none else but the glory of God and the refreshment of the spirit.” Our church is blessed to have gifted singers and skillful instrumentalists, both professional and lay musicians, who participate in our ministry week after week. It is our goal to present music that glorifies, edifies, and ministers to those who worship with us.


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