Cancer Support Group

Cancer Support Group

Adding Focus to Include ALL Those Who are facing a Life Threatening Disease

cancerSsupportThe Cancer Support Group meets every Monday at 11 a.m. to Noon in the Conference Room.

This group is for all those who are facing a life threatening disease or caring for someone facing a life threatening disease. 

This means, if you or someone you are caring for has a disease other than cancer and it is life threatening, you are welcome to join the group also.

We meet for coffee and tea and goodies and share the word of God, prayer, and support of one another. We will listen to you; we are non-judgmental, pray with you; laugh with you; perhaps offer insight to look at a problem in a different way; provide a safe place to share your feelings; and we will provide Christian Love and Caring.  All things said in group are confidential. If you are looking for support we are here for you.

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