Unexpected Gift

Matthew 1:18-25

Christmas challenges us to accept Jesus as a surprising and transformative gift. We expect liberation from earthly powers, just as the Jews expected a revolutionary leader to free them from Roman oppression. Yet, what we get is more, better, greater because it is both a transformation and freedom now but it is also eternal.

Joseph didn’t expect his future wife to be pregnant before the marriage but the angel said, “Do not be afraid.” Joseph embraced this surprising turn of events, trusted God, and obeyed. Immanuel – “God with us” a reference to Isaiah 7:14. Joseph, in response to all of this, named him “Jesus,” meaning “the one who saves.” When Jesus shows up, things rarely turn out like we think, but it is always good.

“Charity begins at home but should not end there.” Thomas Fuller

Let us gather our gifts together and offer them to God in gratitude and praise. – Give here today!

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