Dec 24, 2020 Christmas Eve Service – The Great Reveal

Dec 24, 2020 Christmas Eve Service – The Great Reveal

Today’s scripture: Luke 2:1-14

The Old Testament leads us in a specific direction that God is headed. Today, we touch on some of the scriptures announcing the future arrival of a Messiah, one who would lead God’s people and bring salvation – freedom. The touching story of the nativity we have heard year after year, but it’s worth repeating again. This baby reveal is the greatest of all time, announced by angels but heralded by shepherds.

Luke 1 announces that the time for the Messiah had arrived. Like everything God does, he selects a surprising person – a young woman from a tiny village, to be the mother of God. In Luke 2, after all the fanfare of centuries leading to the arrival of the Messiah, it happens in just two verses; 6-7. The next 12 verses are devoted to the first evangelists, simple shepherds like King David. Shepherds, the non-descript, the least of the village, often the youngest or least capable.

While young couples announcing the gender of their expected babies using sometimes, crazy and expensive means to make the news known to family and friends, God chose the ordinary but did it in an extraordinary way. How is God revealed to you? Where are you looking, perhaps he’s already with you.

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