Conversations & Encouragement

Conversations & Encouragement

Today’s scripture is: Colossians 4:2-6

First, devote yourself to prayer, pray for others, then remember that every conversation you have with someone either draws them toward Christ or pushes them away. When you call others names, put people or groups down, disregard other Christians as “lesser” your discipleship is failing. Make the most of every opportunity to be and speak grace.

Paul’s instructions to the church in Colossi is a guide for how we are to prepare ourselves to encounter people who are “outsiders” – those do not yet know Jesus as Lord. In just five verses he outlines the Christian life to be full of prayer, intercession, proclamation, wise in our actions, and our conversations always grace-filled. Yet, we see in our daily life, especially now in the riots and politics contrary practices. We are called to rise up above this fray to act and speak for Christ. Today, we hear from a number of Lakeview members sharing how their faith calls, the church guides, and grace builds others up.

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