April 4, 2021 9:30am Service – Rolling Stones

April 4, 2021 9:30am Service – Rolling Stones

Easter morning begins with more questions, “How did the huge stone get rolled away?” and “Where is my Lord, what have they done with him?” The resurrection astounds us, even today, yet it is the cornerstone of our faith for without the “foolishness” of God, we have no hope. Because of the resurrection we have the greatest hope of all, forgiveness and eternal life with God.

Roman guards on the scene, a tomb sealed by a huge rock. The sabbath is over and at sunrise a number of women disciples arrive to complete the burial rituals cut short by sunset. There had just been time for Joseph of Aramathea to take Jesus’ body to his own tomb, wrap him in linen and roll the rock over the entrance sealing him in.

The unthinkable has happened. When the women arrive wondering how they would open the tomb, they discover it has already been opened and it is empty. They are told Jesus has risen from the dead and is going on to Galilee. The unthinkable? Perhaps for us because we doubt, just as Peter did. Perhaps because we have so much difficulty seeing and understanding what God has already seen.

Despite our doubt and sin, just like Peter, God does not stop loving us. He is going on ahead of us to meet us there. Where do you need God to meet you? Where is he calling you?

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