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FromThe Desk Pastor John

UMC General Coference Update

I can share that this does not change our UM doctrine from what it has been nor does it change who we are at Lakeview or what we are about.
Who Me

Who? Me?

Prayer is for everyone. We should devote ourselves to praying about everything because this pleases God.
A Burden for the Other

A Burden for the Other

Matthew 5:43-45a; 6:5-8 Having a passion for praying for others one of God’s key desires for us as disciples. Not only being aware of other’s needs, praying for others helps us to focus beyond our own wants and desires. The more we focus on others, the more we see them as a part of God’s creation and understand the beautiful ways they are shaped in God’s image. Praying for others helps us to remain humble. Links to the videos; Bruce…