Messages from January 2019

Messages from January 2019

Body Language

Body Language

Much needs to be done in this world. No one person can do it all, but as the members of the Body of Christ put their various Gifts of the Spirit and their Graces (or aptitudes) into service to God, we can all do something and accomplish God’s will for the ONE BODY and beyond.
FromThe Desk Pastor Linda

What is PALS

Pastor Linda explains what PALS is and how it can help you along with how you can become a PAL. This is a great program for Lakeviewers!
FromThe Desk Pastor Ross

Caring Ministries

Caring Ministry, we have over 30 Stephen Minister along with offering a Grief Share program that is a bible oriented grief recovery program
Wonder Waters

Wonder Water

When we go “through the waters” of real life it’s good to know the wonder water of baptism binds us to the family of God.