Messages on Christmas Eve

The First Carols: The Gloria

As we have examined the first Christmas Carols; Zechariah’s Song and Mary’s The Magnificat we see they lead directly to the Gloria at birth of Jesus. Everything from the Old Testament and everything in the New points to this moment of his birth and leads us to his ministry, the cross, and the resurrection. Jesus is not only the center, he is the answer to everything. Find Jesus – find peace.
The Case of the Missing Baby

The Case of the Missing Baby

The baby Jesus is typically not seen in the manger until Christmas Eve, unless you’re talking about public Nativities. The past few years there seem to have been many stolen out of various nativities around the country. Why are people drawn to steal them? But more important, where is baby Jesus in your home, in your life, in your work? Do you keep him hidden away? Do you let him out to be seen in your life?