Messages by Pastor John Fairchild

Are you Invested?

Are you Invested? Today’s scripture: Matthew 25:14-18, 28-29 Living as a disciple is a lot like investing, there is risk involved. Unlike investing, we have a guaranteed return when we invest with God. Walking with Jesus can be uncomfortable at times, dangerous at others. We are always outside the norm when we serve others and when we share the gospel because our faith can only be proven in our soul and from the labor of our hands. This passage is…

Nov 8, 2020 – The Cooperative Imperative

Today’s scripture: 1 Thessalonians 2:9-13 We see the results when people fail to cooperate at the political level; stagnation, battles, hard feelings, and anger abound. But as disciples of Jesus, we are called to cooperate in ministry and life and this goes beyond denominations, beyond our own prideful desires to place the kingdom in front of all we do. If it’s good for the kingdom of God, it’s good for us. To put it another way, when we cooperate and…

Formative Moments, Shaping Faith

Today’s scripture is: Exodus 12:1-4 What events have shaped your faith? This week we look at a major event in the Bible that has shaped both the Jewish faith and became a key event in our Christian faith, the Passover. From a historical event and record to a deeply spiritual shared ritual that opens the door for the Holy Spirit in our lives. The Passover marked an event in the life of the early Israelites when they began the exodus…

The Real Story

Some say the age of miracles ended with the disciples. Some say miracles are stories that teach. Some say miracles are just coincidences we can’t explain. Some say miracles are real.

Breaking News

The Kingdom of God is near and it’s our job to break the news to the world. We are agents of the new kingdom! We are heralds and messengers breaking the best possible news upon a world eager to hear some good news! -We do not, and should not, hide our light under a bushel basket (Matthew 5:14-15).

Sacred Love

Today’s Scripture – Song of Solomon 2:8-13 Love is neither a prize nor a product, but one dimension of a three-dimensional relationship. It has been God’s good gift from the beginning, and Song of Songs teaches us to use it wisely, within the bounds of the commitment and covenant for which God created us. Song of Solomon leads us into some beautiful love poetry, if not occasionally a bit racy. This text is rich in celebrating the gift of romantic…

The Forgetting God

It is said that God is ‘omnipotent’ – he knows everything. God created everything yet the Psalm writer seems to feel ignored, forgotten by God. God is capable of forgetting, he has promised to forget our sins if we confess Jesus as Lord. But if God is capable of forgetting there is one thing he is incapable of and that’s forgetting you.

The Mission of Divine Compassion

Jesus sets a stage for what compassion looks like in action. He demonstrates what the word means as he cares for people who were otherwise ignored and ostracized. Compassion is a part of our call as disciples and can set us free to be fully God’s people in his image and reveals the kingdom of God.