The Easter Season

Jesus said "I Command You!"

Jesus said, “I Command You!”

As followers and disciples of Jesus we are to love each other as God and Jesus love us. We don’t really have a choice if we are to call ourselves “Christian”.

More Than a Feeling

Central truth: The love that Jesus gives us is more than a happy feeling for Him and others. Jesus’ love calls us to live humbly and unselfishly as we look for the best in ourselves and others. HOW DO I BECOME A FOLLOWER OF JESUS CHRIST? Recognize that God Loves You! “How great is the love that the Father has lavished on us, that we can become the children of God.”                              1 John 3:1 Realize that you need God’s…

“Doubts, Joy and Wonder”

The disciples thought that their journey with Jesus was over, but of course it wasn’t. Neither is our journey with Jesus over. There is still much we need to do to help the world overcome evil and have peace prevail throughout.
The Real Meaning of Easter

“The Real Meaning of Easter”

“The Real Meaning of Easter” today’s message by Pastor Tom Butcher is based on the scripture Mark 16:1-8, The Resurrection.