Living a Holy Life

A Tutorial for Living

A Tutorial for Living

Faithfulness is better done than said. The reality of our human condition is that our faith in God is a practice, a discipline that takes time to mature and become a part of who we are. For many of us this is a life-long practice.
June 3, 2018

Treasure in Clay Jars

We do not have to look for meaning, purpose and happiness “out there “in the world someplace. We already have these within our own hearts.

“Caught Up in the Spirit!”

This Sunday, we join the first disciples of the risen and living Christ to celebrate and reflect upon the Church’s Birthday. As we do we remember that Faith and Peace, Fellowship & Love, Prayers and Service to Others in His name built the first church and remain critical today to our JOY as the living, vibrant Body of Christ. throughout the world.