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From the Desk

FromThe Desk Pastor John

Summary of the desert Southwest Annual Conference June 2019

Summary of the desert Southwest Annual Conference June 2019 Theme: Called Anew to Follow Below you will find a summary of the work of the 2019 Desert Southwest Annual Conference. For those who may not know this includes all of Arizona, southern Nevada and along the Colorado River. This year, much of the work was routine business relating to budget, staffing and operation of the conference. The matters that are significant, I have bolded so they are easier to spot.…
FromThe Desk Pastor John

Judicial Council Meeting

As I write this note, the United Methodist Judicial Council is meeting to review the work of the February Special General Conference. As their  decisions  are  made available, we’ll be arranging some opportunities to discuss the outcome and impact on Lakeview. I have seen some news reports that I believe are misleading and I want to ask you to be cautious and slow to react as you may hear misleading and even inaccurate information. One headline I saw reported, “United…
FromThe Desk Pastor John

The United Methodist Dilemma

Following the February 2019 special general conference of the United Methodist Church (UMC) there has been much angst concerning the passing of a resolution affirming the denomination’s stand against same-gender marriage and gay ordination.
FromThe Desk Pastor John

UMC General Coference Update

I can share that this does not change our UM doctrine from what it has been nor does it change who we are at Lakeview or what we are about.
FromThe Desk Pastor Linda

What is PALS

Pastor Linda explains what PALS is and how it can help you along with how you can become a PAL. This is a great program for Lakeviewers!
FromThe Desk Pastor Ross

Caring Ministries

Caring Ministry, we have over 30 Stephen Minister along with offering a Grief Share program that is a bible oriented grief recovery program