Circle Meetings take a summer sabbatical, even longer since it started several months early. But our Book Club and Circles and their Leaders are still available to give you updates and information. We hope to begin meeting again in September!!

DELL – Marion Kolb, Leader
Mary Martha – Jackie Mobed, Leader      
Crafty Crafters – Barbara Kolacki      
Book Club – Lynn Thornton

So much has happened, or NOT happened, if you hadn’t noticed! Our Spring Unit Meeting and Tea was cancelled, and just in time-we were notified just before we started purchasing food. We have discussed doing the Tea for our December Unit Meeting, but time will tell!

Our annual celebration of Easter, the Good Friday Sacrificial Breakfast, was also cancelled.  It is such a memorable reflection on the events of Easter, Marty formatted it as a 7-day daily  devotion and our media arts folks put it online. You can still access these short devotions.

But some of our ladies have been busy, putting their LOVE INTO ACTION:

  • Bluette Henriksen, Barbara Kolacki, Susan Briner and Lynda Johnson made 75+ face masks for UMOM and JUSTA Center.
  • Betty Stewart also made masks for JUSTA Center.
  • Billie Fold (with help from her daughter) made 100 masks for Banner Hospital.
  • And Susan made 50 more masks for the church office, friends and family.

Some events have been definitely cancelled: the June 19th Dutch Treat lunch and MissionU (July 31-Aug 1). The latter was an annual district event that we hosted last year.

Some events have not been cancelled, but we (the leadership team) will be reviewing and discussing these over the next few weeks:

  • Sept 11, 12 – Ladies of Lakeview Retreat
  • Sept. 25 – Unit Meeting and Annual Salad Luncheon
  • Oct. 16, 17 – Rummage Sale (we’ve already filled our shed!)
  • Oct. 30, 31 – Craft Fair

Please stay safe and be healthy!

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