Lakeview Alive – March 2019

Lakeview Alive – March 2019

What is Lakeview Alive?

Wow, there are many new things in the Media Arts Ministry for you to enjoy now! Along with a lot to choose from!  We now have a new name and saying for our online material, Lakeview Alive – Church, Anytime, Real-time, Everywhere because we “CARE” about you and know that you can’t always attend the regular services, so we made them available for you on your schedule.

So what’s new?
  1. The 8:00 am service is now on YouTube to watch, “Anytime”
  2. The weekly messages are now available as a “podcast” on GooglePlay and iTunes.
    1. Listen when driving, shopping or working around the house, “Everywhere”

Of course, you can still watch live at 8:45 and 10:15 am on Sunday morning, “Real-time” or anytime you need to watch the message again or review a past message to help you remember a point that the Pastor made.

What is a Podcast?

PodcastA Podcast is a free service that allows users to listen to audio files from a podcasting website on their computers, phones or other audio players. The term comes from the words iPod (an audio player) and broadcasting.

Listen to the weekly message each week! Search for “Lakeview Alive” in iTunes or on Google Play. If you need help ask one of the Media Arts Techs, we will help you get setup.