JUSTA Center served a HOT Chili lunch

JUSTA Center served a HOT Chili lunch

On December 17, a crew of Mission and Outreach Committee members made 13 gallons of chili to serve to JUSTA Center Clients on December 18. The Missions & Outreach members cooked the chili slowly all night to blend the flavors for the perfect chili.

We also made 190 brownies for dessert that were soooooo delicious.  Included in the meal served to the JUSTA clients were bags of cheese to top the chili along with bags of crackers, various bags of chips, and bottles of soda pop and water.

We made extra servings of everything so all of the clients who wanted a second serving could have one.

We served lunch at 10:30 a.m. because the clients at JUSTA Center – the senior citizen homeless day center – have a minimal breakfast after sleeping on the streets or in a homeless shelter all night. The clients get hungry early.

The JUSTA Center lunch program is a NEW endeavor of the Mission and Outreach Committee and currently replaces our meal service at UMOM’s Halle Center, which was discontinued when COVID 19 struck.

We are going to serve lunch the third Friday of every month. Our budget is small, but our hearts are big and we need your help. The cost is about $350 each time we serve lunch, maybe less, as we get better at it.

So, when you are donating and writing your checks, please remember the Mission Committee and the Green Buckets. We don’t have that source of income, due to the pandemic so PLEASE help us FEED the HOMELESS.  

Please include a little extra for feeding the senior citizen homeless at JUSTA Center.

Thank you so very much. Please mark your extra donation on the envelope JUSTA Lunch Program. Thank YOU for helping the homeless and the hungry!

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