Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Part-time Front Office Assistant needed

The Lakeview United Methodist Church (LUMC) Front Office Assistant is a non-exempt, part-time/permanent position within the Administrative Office for up to 25 hours per week. This position will provide general secretarial and specific office and clerical services as directed by the Office Manager.

 General Qualifications/Experience/Special Training:

 The Front Office Assistant should have an understanding and be knowledgeable of office administrative procedures and performance characteristics; to include confidentiality, effective verbal and listening communication skills, teamwork, receive direction yet work independently with minimum supervision, and be able to deal calmly and respectfully with members and guests under occasional stressful situations.

Computer skills including a familiarity with spreadsheets and word processing programs are also required.

 Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  1.  Greet all members of the congregation and guests at the front counter and assist everyone as needed. For purposes of time management, confidentially and safety, minimize whenever possible, the unannounced visit of staff, members of the congregation and guests to pastors or other office staff within the confines of the administrative office areas. Always use the intercom communication system to verify the availability of members of clergy and/or office personnel before admitting anyone unannounced.
  2. Answer telephone calls with knowledge of all electronic features; to include holding calls, transferring calls, multi-line connections, extensions, messaging, inter-office communication and all outgoing communications with proper phone etiquette.
  3. Properly handle and safeguard all incoming and outgoing mail. Distribute incoming mail to designated office area mail boxes upon receipt and meter all outgoing mail correspondence.
  4. Make copies of agendas, minutes, reports, and other church-related letters, analysis, memoranda, and correspondence in support of committees and staff members.
  5. Prepare and print communion bulletins for pastor’s use at local care facilities.
  6. Prepare weekly sign-up sheets for Amazing Grays, TNT, and other meals. Prepare sign-up sheets for Christian Education classes, and UMM/UMW activities as requested.
  7. Telephone committee members to remind them of scheduled meetings and provide any other telephone contact with members or guests as may be directed by the Office Manager.
  8. Input and monitor electronic sign information to ensure accuracy, timeliness, and appropriateness.
  9. Serve as Recording Secretary at weekly staff meetings and prepare the minutes of the meeting for distribution or publication as appropriate.
  10. Assist with the input of information in the weekly bulletins and in memorial bulletins.
  11. Document facility set-ups (green sheets) into the Outlook calendar.
  12. Continuously monitor LUMC email communications and faxes and respond/forward inquires and information to the intended recipient, as appropriate.
  13. Prepare a copy of the Sunday morning scripture lesson for assigned Liturgists.
  14. Interview, train, schedule, and assign necessary tasks as required of office volunteers.
  15. Order all supplies for the office as well as for the copier, postage meter, Stephen Ministry, Christian Education, GriefShare, and pastors.
  16. Troubleshoot the computer system and telephone system as necessary to ensure the flow of uninterrupted communications. Schedule maintenance and service calls as needed.
  17. Work with the Nominating Committee to fill upcoming committee openings and prepare Opportunities for Service forms and committee member lists.
  18. Assist the pastors, staff, lay leaders, and chairpersons of committees as requested and whenever feasible.
  19. As needed, serve as a back-up for Office Manager not present.
  20. Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Office Manager.
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