The Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table The kitchen table is covered well to protect its top from harm, the family, friends and food around are happy, safe and warm. Mom creates the odors there that draw us from our coves, to harbor in that happy place where laughter comes in droves. My children come, my brothers too, as noises reach a crest, and Dad repeats a blessing known to all who love it best. My hands and arms caress each one and pass…
Caring Hands_012

A Letter from a Loved One

A letter from a loved one Dear Brother David,    And if you are receiving this, you are indeed a friend.  I just wanted you to know how very grateful I am that you were a part of my life.    It has been a wonderful life; thanks to my parents and sibs; my good husband, Ted; our five wonderful children, their families and friends like yourself.    Keep on growing, glowing and knowing that we will meet again.  But…

Pearline’s Story

Pearline’s Story We have all heard stories from agencies about their good works but how often can we put a face that has been helped with a particular agency.  This is Pearline’s story.  Pearline is now 91 and a valued member of Lakeview United Methodist Church in Sun City, Arizona. Back in 1956, Pearline was a single mother with a boy (4) and a girl (5) and was living in Oakland, California.  She was offered a promotion but this position…


Friends A Friend is one, who “know us” – our guilt and our shame – Regardless of our many sins Friends love us just the same. Years ago, I wrote those lines trying to describe “Friends.” Tell me:  what is your version? – “Your wisdom, never ends.” “A Friend in need, is a friend, indeed” – as the old “saying” goes – Friendship is much more than that – as anybody knows. – We have all kinds, so many Friends…

I Like To Be In The Middle

In tribute to our youngest daughter who left early (March 2019) to be in the middle of the Heavenlies. Hearing the patter of her small feet, I glanced at the glowing clock.  Five a.m. it read.  Instinctively I slid over to the center of the bed knowing that our little morning visitor was on her way.  She was too big for pajamas with feet in, so she claimed; and with lowered night temperatures and a nightly ritual of kicking off…

The End of the Pier

The End of the Pier There’s an old Irish saying when you say, “How are you doin” – – they say, “sure, and I’m comin to the end of the pier” I thought about it and it’s kind of neat! We’re all walking along the pier – – Sometimes we stop and make friends Along the way, or help someone whose fallen down. The only Rule is we can’t go back, only forward. Now, some fall off the pier before…

Clayton’s Testimony

My mother had a saying that intrigued me. When asked how she was doing, she would say, “I’ve been able to keep body and soul together.” What did she mean by that? Was both her body and soul healthy? How did she keep both glowing with health?