Pastor Tom’s View

Pastor Tom’s View

Pastor Tom’s View for May

Welcome Home We’ve had several deaths recently, some quite sudden. Many of them have been very hard on us. Here are some thoughts I’ve borrowed from Fred Craddock. Take a piece of paper, write down these words: “I thank my God for all remembrance of you”. Write a name. You choose the name. You remember the name. Write another name, and another name and another. Write as many names on it as you want. Keep the list, because to you…
Pastor Toms View

Pastor Tom’s View for April

April 2018 Taxes The month of April, as you know, has a date to which most of us must pay specific attention, April 15th. It is the date that our taxes from the previous years earnings are due to our government. Jesus too had to pay attention to the taxes during his ministry but for a much different reason. Bill O’Reilly in his book “Killing Jesus” points out that Jesus had a huge problem with what was going on in…