Outreach Ministries

Outreach Ministries


P.A.L.S. – Update

Estate Sale We completed another successful Estate Sale that grossed over $1,300. Considering this was a small sale it was a success as well as we all had a lot of fun working together. We appreciate the opportunity to assist with this endeavor and appreciate your trust in us. Thank you for letting us serve you! A big appreciate goes to Joyce and Arlan Steen, Joyce Hughes, Eileen Pike, Bluette Hendricksen, Toni Adema and Suellen Dolson. You all made my…

Support Habitat for Humanity

Lakeview UMC Drive to Support Habitat for Humanity: “…Homes, Communities, Hope….  We build so children can have healthy, safe homes where they can learn and grow to their full potential.” The Lakeview UMC fund drive to assist in purchase of building supplies for Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona will be closing on November 4.  The “House Bank” collection boxes will be available in the entry hall of the church and at all three church services on November 4th.  An additional…

Adult Vacation Bible School – Update

Adult VBS We have had such a great boost in our ideas and our VBS planning from Lakeviewers who attend meetings! This past week, our VBS planning team decided to carry forward with the “Candy Bar Ministry” proposed at our first meeting. What a SWEET TREAT that will be every day! Come and see…and taste! Another program we are going to carry forward will be an “After” program between 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM for VBS attendees who want to…
Valley View Food Bank

Valley View Food Bank

Valley View Food Bank needs your help! Summer is a very difficult time for the food bank.  Fewer volunteers and fewer donations.  If you would like to donate to the food bank, you may use the Mission envelopes located in the pews and indicate “Food Bank” on the outside.  You may place them in the collection plate.  This money will be sent directly to the Valley View Food Bank.

What Is PALS?

So what is PALS? WHO?             – people who enjoy working together to help others                         WHAT?          – a network of the Caring Ministries programs including Phone Friends, Transportation Volunteers and Stephen Ministry  WHERE?       – in the Sun City area for members of LUMC who need help  in any of five areas of ministry (See details below)  WHEN?          – as needed for short periods of time by Lakeviewers whocare about helping their neighbors  HOW?            – as Caring Ministries is contacted, needs…

Tonga’s Situation is Dire

Cyclone “Gita” In February, the tiny island nation of Tonga was engulfed by Cyclone “Gita”, a Category 4 cyclone, with wind speeds of 110 knots.  It was the hardest hitting  cyclone to go through Tonga since 1960. Tonga is an independent island nation in the South Pacific.  It has 171 islands and 45 are occupied.  70% of the Tonga people belong to the Methodist Church and are our brothers and sisters in Christ. They desperately need our assistance. The Desert…

PALS Program

Changing Lives at Lakeview The P.A.L.S.  program provides support services to assist others in their daily lives, here is a list of the ways you can help. PALS PROGRAM OPTIONS I. RELOCATION  Help with downsizing to smaller unit, such as Assisted Living or group home  Help pack and set up in new home  “Neighbor Helping Neighbor” Sales II. MEDICAL ASSISTANCE  Medical visits: Be a second set of ears at doctor’s offices as well as take notes for patient to have…
Halle Center

Prayer Shawl & Lap Robes

OUR PRAYER SHAWL & LAP ROBE MINISTRY Recently, I was reminded of the powerful experience generated by presenting a prayer shawl or lap robe to a person who is homebound or recovering from a serious illness or injury. One of our members brought me three quilts donated as her handiwork to benefit our members or neighbors during a difficult time. I though many of us might like to know more about this project so I am attaching an article on…
Phone Friends

Phone Friends

Meeting Tuesday There will be a meeting of the Phone Friends on Tuesday, April 24 at 1:30 PM in the Conference Room. The Phone Friends are part of the Caring Committee who make phone calls to people from our church who need a friend.

“Fill the Ark” Again

“Fill the Ark” Now that was exciting, seeing Noah deliver the “Fill the Ark” banks to the Altar! The summary of his voyage will be reported in next week’s bulletin. The banks have been removed from the Chapel and Worship Center. When gathering them, I noticed that there was NO expiration date on them. I really don’t want to recycle them until they have been used at least one time. So, I invite each of you to take one home,…
Docs Hangout

WANTED: Caring People

WANTED: Caring People Who Enjoy Laughter! Doc’s Hangout Needs You! Every Friday, Doc’s Hangout provides respite care for caregivers by providing a simple lunch and supervised  activities available for very special people in our congregation. Caring people are needed to supervise these everyday activities and provide social enrichment for about three hours once a week from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. During this time, there are two hours for caring fellowship plus a half hour prior to Doc’s Hangout for…

MANA House

Home for homeless veterans MANA House – a home for homeless veterans, is moving into a NEW facility. They are leaving behind their old and worn out video recording tapes and are looking for used but still working any genre of DVD’s for their new DVD machine and TV in the rec room for the men in their off hours. Sooo when you are doing your Spring Cleaning, and find that all of your DVD’s won’t fit into that full…
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