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On the Shelf


On the Shelf for May 18

Betty Barrick Library We have another book from our Fiction Poetry series. The Tattered Quilt – (Book 2) of The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club. In it we have some of the original people, plus six new characters who add spice to Emma Miller’s quilting class. There are two gentlemen who are trying to claim the attention of a lady named Cheryl. Also, a young teenager trying to find a way to get out from her Amish parents’ control. There is…

On the Shelf for May 11th

Betty Barrick Library We have an “oldie but goodie” book that is an interesting read! The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club by Wanda E Brunstetter In this book, Emma Yoder decides to advertise quilting lessons for those who might be interested. Her class is filled with six people with different personalities and all have some problems that Emma tries to help by talking to them and by reading scriptures. Everyone should read this book. It really touched my heart the way…

On the Shelf for May 2019

  Welcome to the Betty Barrick Library! These movies are available in our DVD section 1)  An Interview With God It is about a young journalist who returns from covering the war in Afghanistan.  Everything in his life is falling apart when he decides to interview God! 2)  Indivisible It is based on a true story of an army chaplain who is deployed to Afghanistan. When he returns home he is suffering from post war trauma.  He has a hard…

On the Shelf for April 27th

Betty Barrick Library About one month ago at TNT, we had a presentation entitled Mercy Ships. They donated the Ships of Mercy book by Don Stephens. It is a very interesting book. It discusses in more detail how they came about. These ships brought healing and people helping the poor by showing them how to farm with better results. They trained some of the native doctors on medical and dental procedures. They also helped to repair or build new hospitals,…

On the Shelf for April 20, 2019

Betty Barrick Library Welcome to the Betty Barrick Library!  We have a book that everyone should read. Door to Freedom by Jana Kelley It takes place in Khartoum, Sudan.  It gives us a real picture of how there are more Muslims who live their lives in a way that promotes a lot of the ways that are like what Christians do, but according to their traditions.  Michael & Mia Weston move back to Sudan from Texas to start their second…
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On the Shelf for March 30

On the Shelf at the Betty Barrick Library We have a new book   – Isaiah’s Daughter by Mesu Andrews It’s about a young girl named Ishma, who has been rescued from a bunch of Israeli soldiers who invaded Judah and took over 200 captives back to Samaria. Micah is the man who rescued Yoira and Ishma. He took them to Isaiah’s home in Jerusalem. In Jerusalem, King Ahaz is busy making human sacrifices to Molech, a heathen god imported from…

On the Shelf for April

Welcome to the Betty Barrick Library! We have two new books in here that our readers would like to read. Eleanor, A Spiritual Biography by Harold Ivan Smith (UMW) In                          this book you will discover her life from when she was                          a child until her death in 1962.  It starts out with her                          grandmothers’ idea that she was ugly compared to the                           other Roosevelt ladies.  They made her go to an Episcopal                          Church, plus take…
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On the Shelf for March 23

Welcome to the Betty Barrick Library! We have a book that our readers will enjoy. A New House is a Big Deal by Tim Holt This book is geared for children and young adults.  This will be a good book for adults to read to their children.  It talks of moving to a new place and going to Mexico to help another family build a new house.

On the Shelf for March 17th

Betty Barrick Library Subject: Book Cart in Smooth Hall and Outside the Library.   We want you to enjoy the books that are there, but these books are for sale.  It is easy to donate a quarter for paper backs and fifty cents for hardcover books.  Your donations help to keep our great library running and serving the church.  We really appreciate your support!
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On the Shelf for March

March On the Shelf Among our DVD collection we have three more new ones that you might want to watch. Christmas Dress It is about a family whose father is out of work around Christmas. Some people collected some gifts and supplies for the family. The most special gift was a beautiful dress for the older daughter. Watch this movie, you will get a blessing in how God works in our lives! Chasing Grace This is based on true events…
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On the Shelf for Feb. 23,2019

Betty Barrick Library There is a UMW book that everyone needs to read. It is; Called to The Fire by Chet Bush It is the story of a young African-American who becomes a pastor (with the help of C.R. Smith) of Fitkin’s Memorial Church of the Nazarene in Meridian, Mississippi. It was a turbulent time in the South in the 1960’s. The Ku Klux Klan was running a terror campaign against the African-American people to keep them “in line”. In…
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On the Shelf Feb. 16, 2016

Betty Barrick Library Attention Library Board Members, we need you to remember to sign the calendar on the board to work in the library. You can choose any day that you are available. Hope to see you there. Lakeview Book Club will be meeting on February 28 at 10:00 a.m. in the Library. We are returning to our traditional 4th Thursday each month. All are welcome to join the Book Club. Come join in the fun!