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Just for fun, a short story about Lent by Kell Brigan Sister Mary Stephen badly bruised her hip the morning of the first Thursday of Lent. Mother Zoe suspected that Sister Mary Stephen had been fasting the day before, which was Ash Wednesday, even though Sister was over sixty and not required to do so. In fact, Mother Zoe had specifically forbidden her to fast since Sister did have a tendency to overdo such things. Nevertheless, that Thursday morning, while…


What is Reparation? Reparation is making amends to or helping another rebuild. Each of us is accountable for our own actions. We learned this week in our Bible lesson “The Story” to live like Christ. Where? Everywhere – at home, at church. The world can be horribly damaging. War can damage. Slavery has damaged. Our country has imprisoned and persecuted others. People of many races have suffered. We either live, have heard of or maybe know of someone who has…

The Bunny is Coming!!

Easter is April 12th this year – a beautiful time of the year for those of us who have enough to eat and can buy our own Easter treats!! We need your help in providing Easter Treats to the kids at Valley View Food Bank whose parents are unable to provide Easter Treats for their children. Easter Buckets will be available for STUFFING Sunday, March 15.  Please return the FILLED Easter Bucket no later than Sunday, April 5 Suggested Items…

Financial Report for March 2020

Finance Report First I want to Praise God and Everyone at Lakeview United Methodist Church for the Wonderful end to the financial year 2019.  The month of December not only exceeded our December expenses by $72,338, we ended up with a surplus of $24,488, because we wiped out the November’s shortfall of about $48,000.  God is indeed good and greatly to be Praised! But as my work bosses always told me, we are grateful for what you did last year…

CancerCare – Lung Cancer Part 2

Part Two of Lung Cancer The type of treatment a patient receives for lung cancer may depend on the type of lung cancer and whether the disease has metastasized (spread) to distant body parts. The types of lung cancer and their treatments include: Small cell lung cancer: This type of lung cancer may be aggressive and may require immediate treatment. Treatments for small cell lung cancer include: Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Laser therapy, Radiation therapy and Surgery.  And Non-small cell lung cancer:…

Crafty Crafters

Attention Crafters:   We need YOU!!!!!!    Sarah Circle has changed their name.  We are now called Crafty Crafters to fit our purpose. Time:  12:30 Date :   2nd Thursday of Every Month Place:   Smoot Hall lower level Please join us and bring your ideas and creativity to share. If you are unable to attend but would like to be a member of Crafty Crafters, we welcome you and will register you as a member. We will have a presentation on a new…

Sunday, Sundae, Serve

March 15 Some of our friends who are not into church think that what we do is sing a droning song or two and hear a boring sermon. Hopefully our singing and sermons are neither! Who do you know who doesn’t have a church home? Perhaps it’s that new fellow who just moved here from Iowa or maybe the nice couple from Michigan who just bought the condo down the way. It might be that friendly clerk at the store…

PRISM – Peoples Response In Supporting Music

Do you have musical instruments gathering dust? PRISM is a very small grass-roots group of people with a passion for music working to help equip school children with the opportunity to learn to play an instrument. They are looking for guitars, violins, flutes/recorders, brass & woodwinds, drums, keyboards, music stands, bags/cases and even music books. If you have items you’d like to donate, contact Daniel or Cherry Blue at 602-501-8185. They will pick up or arrange a drop-off.  Pastor John

Financial Report for February 2020

Finance Report PRAISE GOD, PRAISE GOD and Thank You All who gave so that Lakeview United Methodist Church could end the year in the BLACK by Over $24,000. What a wonderful ending to the year 2019! For December only, Lakeview People did over $72,000, what a great month. As I said last month, I had faith that Lakeview UMC would end the year in the black because God has ALWAYS been faithful to His word and His people have been…

CancerCare – Lung Cancer Part 1

Lung Cancer Part One in Conjunction with Cancer Treatment Centers of America Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the United States and, by far, the leading cause of cancer deaths. According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), more than 234,000 Americans were diagnosed with lung cancer in 2018. An estimated 154,000 Americans died from lung cancer in 2018, more than three times more than colorectal cancer, the next most deadly cancer, according to the…

Finance Report for January 2020

Finance Report As you can see from the Financial Report Summary below, Lakeview UMC had some disappointing results in November, as the monthly income was a little over $2,200 below what the Church needed to operate for the month and this caused the Year-to-Date to slip further negative a little more than $47,800.  The problem is that by the time you read this in the January’s Newsletter, the year 2019 will be history and at our current rate we are…
Fierce - Women of the Bible Who Changed the World by Jennifer Cowart


LADIES, YOU WERE MEANT TO BE A FIERCE WOMAN OF GOD! A new Women’s Bible Study Fierce – Women of the Bible Who Changed the World by Jennifer Cowart will begin on Tuesday, January 14. This study will meet in Smoot hall from 9 to 10:30 am, and will be led by Rhonda Plinske. This six-week study will challenge us to influence our world as these fierce women of the Bible influenced theirs. The word Fierce is trendy. It is…