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Pastor John’s View August 2020

Thoughtful Ramblings For much of my adult life, I thought small groups were, well, silly. Maybe a waste of my time. Oh, I was in quite a few from Boy Scouts to law enforcement, there always seemed to be a need for a small group to work together. I think I equated the church “small group” to many of the leadership training seminars I had attended where they break you into “triads” or “quads” to discuss the points the facilitator…

Financial Report for July 2020

Financial Report for July 2020 PRAISE GOD That Lakeview UMC is Still Positive Through July Year-To-Date As you can see below Lakeview UMC is still positive for July Year-to-Date (YTD), however, Lakeview did not do so well for the Month of July. The results for the Month of July were a Negative $12,508. However, since so many people have been able to be faithful to giving more in previous months, the July YTD amount is still a positive amount of…

YESHUA – The Promise, The Land & The Messiah

Week Two Yeshua News After being conquered by the Amorites and the Egyptians, the children of God are released from Egypt into the wilderness area and wander for 40 years before Joshua led them into the “Promised Land.” Bit by bit the Hebrew people conquered the land promised in Genesis to Abraham. The Kingdom of Israel became two Kingdoms in the North and the South, before being conquered again by the Babylonian Empire  and sent into exile. The return of…

Pancake Bunch Funds to Charites

Up Date of Distribution of Pancake Bunch Funds to Charites The last time we met, was on March 7, 2020 (5 months ago) and at that time we were talking about coming up with Charities to distribute the profits from the Pancake Brunch that was held on February 25, 2020.  Due to the Pandemic, we have not been able to get back together.  We, the Executive Board for UMM, got together recently and voted on how to distribute the net…

In the News Bible Study

Each week there are many events in the news, and we read it or watch it and then go on with the rest of our day. Do you ever ask, “What does the Bible teach about this event?” or, “As a follower of Jesus, how do I respond to this?” I want to invite you to join me in an on-going study of the Bible and current events around the world. We’ll be meeting on Thursdays at 10:30 am each…

Thank You’s for August 2020

ThanksThough we have not been able to gather we are still at work being the church.  I have had such an outpouring of love from our church family…cards and phone calls have encouraged and uplifted me on the journey with Bill’s illness and passing.  You all mean so much to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  We do serve a living God!    Bonnie Boisvert I really enjoy watching the people of Lakeview. Kathy Villa  …

Monthly Financial Report for June 2020

Financial Report for June 2020 PRAISE GOD For Another Great Financial Month at Lakeview!! As you can see below everyone who calls Lakeview home did another GREAT job in June of following God’s lead to give generously. The month of June also did very well by having a net Income of about $28,900 and June Year-To-Date (Y-T-D) of approximately $32,300. As you can see below, our budget for June Y-T-D was expected to be a negative $21,900 based on past…

Two New Way’s to stay connected!

Sunday Fellowship is back! Grab some cookies and coffee and join us for some fellowship time immediately following the Sunday service at 10:00am! Online TNT, join us Thursday at 5:30pm on YouTube and Zoom for a Christmas in July celebration and let’s have dinner together, sing some carols and learn why we’re celebrating Christmas in July! There will even be door prizes! Printable Zoom Schedule Watch Live on YouTube

The Online Church Directory is here!

You can access the online directory on your desktop or laptop computer or through a mobile app you can install on your tablet or smart phone. Instruction for getting the online directory If you do not have an email setup with the church office or you are using one that is different from the one we have on file in the church office you will need to contact us before you will be able to access the online directory.
The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

If you have not joined our prayer and Bible study as yet, you are welcome. Each session stands alone. We have covered three types of prayer which include reading Scripture. They are Centering Prayer (listening in the silence for God’s Word to us), Lectio Divina (reading Scripture for meaningful words and insights for us), and Contemplative Prayer (reading Scripture to place ourselves within it and discover who we might be and what role would become in a Gospel story). These…