Heifer Update (Page 3)

Heifer Update (Page 3)

Heifer Update for January 11

Heifer Update Because of you, stories like this become reality.  This takes place in Nepal and features Jit Kamari Yogi.  Jit was forced to marry at 16 to a much older man.  They had five sons.  One died shortly after birth from lack of medical care.  Another contracted measles.  Jit was forced to treat him with folk medicine made of rice and…

Heifer Update january 2020

Happy New Year! “Thank You” – Heifer Project Report  From the Lakeview United Methodist Men, a big “THANK YOU!” to all of you who are supporting the “Joy to the World” program.  Whether through donations, prayers and thoughts – it all counts to the tremendous success of the program.  On Monday, December 2, our second Gift Basket was donated.  And then we were advised that…