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Men’s Ministries


Heifer Report for Feb. 9th

Quote for today – “It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving”.   Mother Teresa Approval was given at the meeting of the LUMM on Feb. 2 for the donation of the following:  2 – Hope Baskets (includes chickens and rabbits) and 1 – Flock of Chicks. Three more families of God’s children can rise out of poverty and hunger.  After Heifer International’s estimate of 9 times the impact – make that 27 families.  How…

Heifer “Buzz”

Each gift of honeybees includes bees, a box and hive, and training in bee keeping. The gift of bees supply the beekeeper with honey and beeswax to consume or sell.

February Heifer Update

LUMM Heifer Project The Christmas season (the season of giving and receiving gifts) is over. Or is it? I don’t think it is. Should we stop then? I don’t think so. Jesus didn’t stop, and never will. His gift of love is never ending and this congregation didn’t stop giving either. The LUMM just sent in the past month’s donations. The list is lengthy and wonderful. Because of you, we sent our 11th girl to school. You also donated the…

Heifer Update – December 2018

December 4, 2017 – the day the Lakeview United Methodist Men sent in the first donation to Heifer International. We sent a check of $120 to donate 6 flocks of chicks. We remember doing the math, “passing the gift” and the eventual possibility of “9X” the impact we could help lift 54 families out of poverty and hunger. Since that day the Methodist Men have sent over $15,000 in donations of animals and services for the poor and hungry around…

Heifer Update – Growing Seedlings

Growing Seedlings If you ask, 5-year-old Florinda Ruiz Lopez will tell you all about how to plant a seed and water it. “Then, when you’ve finished with the water, when you look at the plant, it grows really fast, but it’s really little.” And, as she talks faster and faster, she’ll tell you about the grasshoppers and locusts that eat the leaves of the gourd plants. And how some of the garden pests turn into butterflies. And how together she…

Heifer Project Update

Heifer Update Today’s Question: The fiber from Angora Rabbits is called Angora – so then, what is the fiber from Angora Goats called? (The answer can be found at the bottom of this past) The LUMM breakfast/meeting on November 3, 2018 marked the 12th meeting since the LUMM adopted the Heifer Program. This month’s donations are as follows: 1 sheep and 1 flock of geese. On a larger scale, (minus those above) here are the donations we have made for…

Heifer Update – Nov. 3, 2018

GARDEN AND GOAT Sharada Devi, 48 years old and a mother of eight children, felt lost and alone in her home village of Tarwara in the state of Bihar. As a member of the lowest caste, she simply didn’t have options in her life, so she worked as a laborer in another, richer farmer ‘s field. Her husband, Gulma Sada, 53, had to leave her and her children to find work in the faraway town of Punjab . Sharada Devi…

Lakeview United Methodist Men Heifer Report

LUMM Heifer Project September was a special month for our mission. We had 2 individual gifts of $275 each, which specified we send a girl to school. Then through the funds gathered during the month, we donated a trio of rabbits, a Hope Basket (which is a combination of chickens & rabbits) and finally, a Flock of Chicks and a Flock of Geese. Then came the announcement from Heifer International that all our gifts would be doubled. Praise God! Now…

LUMM – Heifer International

Heifer Update Another exciting week! First, a generous donation allowed the Methodist Men to purchase 3 pigs. A chance for more of God’s less fortunate to raise themselves out of hunger and poverty – Praise God! Then, we received a donation toward sending a “girl to school”. We now have $100 of the $275 needed to make the school bell ring again. Following is another success story from Cambodia showing us that pigs are a viable animal to help feed…

UMM – Breakfast

Saturday Morning, November 3rd, 2018 Please mark your calendars! Starting at 8:30 AM for fellowship and at 9:00 AM for a FREE breakfast in Smoot Hall. (donations are gladly accepted) Signup below or there will be a sign-up sheet Sunday Mornings (between services in Smoot Hall),  TNT Dinners or you can call the church office. Hope to see you there.

Gift Of A Healthy Home

Heifer Project I just finished painting my closet yesterday. Many of the recipients of our gifts thru Heifer International would probably ask “What is a closet?” God’s poorest and hungriest families would love to have living conditions as clean as a newly painted closet. Well, as always, help is on the way. One donor this past month specified giving two gifts of a “Healthy Home.” Families are given the opportunity to earn the income they need to improve their living…