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PALS Tip Make friends with your neighbors. Oftentimes, we don’t have family nearby when medics and others need relevant information for our care. A neighbor can be responsible for passing along the names and phone numbers of family members in order to help move professional care givers along smoothly. Also, Boswell Hospital has Vials of Life in which pertinent information can be stored to direct care givers to call doctors, legal representatives and family members when necessary.

Why YouTube

YouTube, just like Facebook is a social media platform with a community of millions of users. Just like Facebook the more you interact the better your experience will be!

Message Archive

Message Archive We are often asked how to view a message from the past, the good news is that it’s easy to find. On the home page of our Website there is a menu at the top: click on Messages this will take you to all of the available messages from the past year. If you look in the lower right hand of the picture of the bible, you will notice that there are buttons that you can search by…

Lakeview Alive – March 2019

What is Lakeview Alive? Wow, there are many new things in the Media Arts Ministry for you to enjoy now! Along with a lot to choose from!  We now have a new name and saying for our online material, “Lakeview Alive – Church, Anytime, Real-time, Everywhere” because we “CARE” about you and know that you can’t always attend the regular services, so we made them available for you on your schedule. So what’s new? The 8:00 am service is now…

Lakeview Media Ministry

We need your help! Journalists, Photographers, Computer Operators – No experience required! Do you have a natural gift for electronics, sound or photography or video equipment? Or maybe you just have a strong desire to learn something new, along with a passion to serve the body of Christ? There are many opportunities for you to serve in the Media ministry. The Lakeview Media staff is here to help you learn what you’ll need to know and have fun in the…