Caring Ministries

Thriving in a Pandemic

You are invited to participate in an October 20th webinar, Thriving in a Pandemic:Coping with Loneliness and Worry in Isolation Two expert speakers will present practical approaches to living abundantly and thriving in our current state of social isolation and the fear of disease.  We make choices each day that can improve our emotional state and help us thrive and grow even with the challenges we face today!  This virtual event will provide practical approaches to understanding and coping with…

Callers Needed!

Callers Needed! You can make a difference by the simple act of a phone call! Have you been wondering what to do with your spare time? Make caring phone calls as a valuable ministry! People in our church love to receive a call that is not trying to sell them something! You may also make a new friend!  The new church directories are available for pickup on a table at the back door of the church office in a plastic…

Habitat for Humanity

Like every other organization, Habitat for Humanity has been impacted by the Corona virus.  Virtually all of Habitat’s central Arizona building projects have been suspended since March.  The only exception was the completion of one home, as it was in its final stages when the recommendations to quarantine were just beginning.  But the organization stands ready to return to providing housing options for struggling families once the critical period of infections has passed.  In the interim, Habitat is doing whatever…
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Just this past week, I was responsible for daily recordings of reflections on Scripture on Lakeview’s Dial-A-Prayer. I wondered how many of our Lakeview family and followers begin, continue, or end their days with prayer and reflection. After all, God is in charge here, and we need his directioning. One of the amazing benefits of calling Dial-A-Prayer is that we have guided Scripture lessons, reflections and prayer time – generally contained in about six or seven minutes. The phone number…

CancerCare – Lung Cancer Part 2

Part Two of Lung Cancer The type of treatment a patient receives for lung cancer may depend on the type of lung cancer and whether the disease has metastasized (spread) to distant body parts. The types of lung cancer and their treatments include: Small cell lung cancer: This type of lung cancer may be aggressive and may require immediate treatment. Treatments for small cell lung cancer include: Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Laser therapy, Radiation therapy and Surgery.  And Non-small cell lung cancer:…

CancerCare – Lung Cancer Part 1

Lung Cancer Part One in Conjunction with Cancer Treatment Centers of America Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the United States and, by far, the leading cause of cancer deaths. According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), more than 234,000 Americans were diagnosed with lung cancer in 2018. An estimated 154,000 Americans died from lung cancer in 2018, more than three times more than colorectal cancer, the next most deadly cancer, according to the…

Fall Prevention

Have you fallen recently?  Were you hurt? Did you tell anyone—a doctor, a friend, a family member? Are you so afraid of falling that you no longer take part in activities you enjoy? FEAR OF FALLING is your worst enemy! If you are afraid of falling, you don’t go out as much, resulting in social isolation, loneliness and depression; you move less, causing your muscles to weaken and lose flexibility; you tend to walk leaning forward, throwing off your balance.…

Stephen Ministry

The risen Christ told his followers to teach, heal and give hope to people wherever they  meet  them. As Christ’s disciples, we are directed to do likewise.  St. Paul  said  we  should  bear one another’s burdens.  These directives from the early Christian church shape and mold the ministry of offering care and comfort in today’s world just as they did so long ago. Stephen Ministry Stephen Ministry was begun in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1975, to ensure that lay ministers…

A Stephen Minister Story

Mary Larrabee’s life was a mess! Her marriage ended in divorce, she underwent two major surgeries, and then her grown son was murdered. It was as though a manure truck kept backing over her and dumping on her. She was matched with Kathy, a Stephen Minister and a fellow member of her church, who met with her each week for about a year. Kathy would hold her hand and listen and pray with her. She didn’t give Mary specific advice…
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Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

June is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month Join Us June 19th, 2019 10:30am –11:30am for: Fact or Fiction: The Truth About Alzheimer’s Disease Be part of an interactive group where we sort through the “noise” and learn the facts about Alzheimer’s Disease. Banner Sun Health Research Institute Morin Auditorium 10515 W. Santa Fe Dr , Sun City Please register at: BSHRI.Eventbrite.com Refreshments provided Attendance is free, but space is limited  

Six Tips to Minimize the Risk of Falling

Minimize the Risk of Falling More than a quarter of adults 65 and older fall each year, and falling once doubles their chances of falling again. And out of every five who fall, one is seriously injured. Many falls, however, are preventable, says Exercise Physiologist Rhonda Zonoozi.  Here are some of her tips: Don’t resist the assistive devices. Used properly, assistive devices such as canes, glasses, hearing aids, walkers and other devices can improve our health, safety and quality of…

Assisted Activities for Your Loved One

Assisted Activities Doc’s Hangout provides a great time of fun and fellowship for your loved ones who require a bit of supervision and guidance to be able to participate in this weekly two hour program. The workers in this ministry love the participants, and they love to involve them in a variety of games, crafts, music, and snacks.  The two hours go by fast and they meet from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm every Friday in Fellowship Hall. Give your…