Cancer – Now What?

Cancer – Now What?

Cancer – Now What?  by Kenneth C. Haugk, PhD

This is a book that Stephen Ministries and the Spiritual Enrichment Committee have available through their joint beginning program on a Cancer Support Group.  It is a book that helps those with Cancer and their loved ones to take action; find hope; and navigate the journey ahead.

Cancer Support Ribbons

A  Cancer Support Group is being formed because so many members of the Lakeview family have been touched by Cancer, either themselves or a family member.  We are looking for people who have survived cancer, had a member of their family with cancer, or are currently battling Cancer or are a clinician with a Cancer background to be a part of this group.  

IF you have an interest in this Cancer Support Group and would like to participate or help facilitate it please contact Betty Stewart, bettyboop491@cox.net . We are hoping that this new group will start to meet in October. 

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