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1Mission Trip 2019

1Mission Trip to Puerta Peñasco 2019 On Friday, March 1, 2019, the United Methodist Church Desert Southwest Conference sent groups of people to Puerta Peñasco for a 1Mission house building project. Lakeview United Methodist Church and Willowbrook United Methodist Church joined forces to send seven people on this mission: Eileen Pike, Bob and Debbie Unternaehrer, Jim and Carole Smith (LUMC youth group members), Glenn Allinger and Harold Glick. These seven workers joined “Team One” of four building crews, that range…

A People of Hope

John 12:1-8 by Bronson C. Davis Some days the pressures of daily life can overwhelm us. We often try to do the proverbial “twice as much in half the time” and run ourselves ragged trying to inculcate speed, productivity, and dependability into our working lives. We live by deadlines and find ourselves at the mercy of expectations from coworkers, family, and friends. No wonder we find ourselves easily distracted, unable to focus on what is happening right before us. We…

On the Shelf for March 17th

Betty Barrick Library Subject: Book Cart in Smooth Hall and Outside the Library.   We want you to enjoy the books that are there, but these books are for sale.  It is easy to donate a quarter for paper backs and fifty cents for hardcover books.  Your donations help to keep our great library running and serving the church.  We really appreciate your support!
Tea Party

2nd Annual Tea

TABLE HOSTESSES: Susan Briner Joan Hodge Linda Scent Priscilla Woodley Marty Merryman Bev Andersen/Kathe Wilson Donna Petterson Eileen Pike Marva Fife Joyce Steen Carol Cady Marilyn Boucher PROGRAM:          “Storybook Dolls”       Anne Levig Dig out your “tea” hats, put on your best manners and SIGN UP for this FUN event! These ladies have graciously volunteered to “hostess” tables for our upcoming tea! This event is open TO ALL LADIES AT LAKEVIEW! So invite a friend (or two) and don’t…

Why YouTube

YouTube, just like Facebook is a social media platform with a community of millions of users. Just like Facebook the more you interact the better your experience will be!

Lost and Found

Joshua 5:9-12 by Kim Cape The rhythm of the Christian year quickens in Lent. As Advent prepares us for Jesus’ birth, Lent prepares us for Jesus ‘ death and resurrection. Being human, we are not equipped for either theophany. In our Joshua text, the people renew their commitment to their covenant God. By celebrating the Passover they reenact their parents’ story of deliverance; the current generation recalls God’s deliverance from slavery in Egypt . The eyewitness generation has died; this…

Message Archive

Message Archive We are often asked how to view a message from the past, the good news is that it’s easy to find. On the home page of our Website there is a menu at the top: click on Messages this will take you to all of the available messages from the past year. If you look in the lower right hand of the picture of the bible, you will notice that there are buttons that you can search by…
Luke 13

Repentance-A Way of Life

Luke 13:1-5 by J. Thomas Laney Jr. While Jesus is teaching one day, someone in the crowd brings up a much talked-about event-the killing of some Galileans who were in Jerusalem to offer their sacrifices. Pilate had likely ordered the killing and the mixing of their blood with that of their sacrificed animals in a brutal display of power. We are not told why the person raises the issue, but Jesus’ response indicates that the real reason lies in revisiting…

Lakeview Alive – March 2019

What is Lakeview Alive? Wow, there are many new things in the Media Arts Ministry for you to enjoy now! Along with a lot to choose from!  We now have a new name and saying for our online material, “Lakeview Alive – Church, Anytime, Real-time, Everywhere” because we “CARE” about you and know that you can’t always attend the regular services, so we made them available for you on your schedule. So what’s new? The 8:00 am service is now…

March Financial Report

Pastor John, on Sunday, talked about a person who was watching our service from India. So while the income is good, what is better is that Lakeview UMC is reaching people, not only our homebound, but people we never reached before with the gospel and that is very good news.

Tales from the Mountain ~ Snow

Finding myself staring at snowflakes falling and realizing I had the breath knocked out when my feet shot out from underneath my body in an effort to skate off at 50 miles an hour while my torso wanted to stroll.