Be the Church

Be the Church

It Takes Nothing Big to Be the Church.

I’d like to think that when I preach, it transforms people. The reality, however, is that preaching changes very little though I do think there are other gifts that come through preaching; weekly encouragement, re-focus for the coming week, or challenges to consider naming a few. What does transform us is our experience in life coupled with our faith. A life experience, birth of a child, death of a dear friend, an accident, or a pandemic, can cause us to reflect and re-orient our life and these experiences become a part of your story.

Sharing your story is one of the most powerful ways God works in your life to build you up, encourage, and help you transform more and more into the person God created you to be. Your story becomes much more powerful when you share your story with people so it can encourage and build them up too.

  1. How have you managed during this time of isolation?
  2. Where has God been at work in you or through you?
  3. What have you struggled over during this time?

Here’s how you can share your story with your Lakeview family. Take a few minutes to write down your experience so you can tell it in 2-3 minutes. Then video yourself or have someone video it for you and send it to glade@lakeviewumc.net by June 5.

I’ll be sharing some of the stories at an appropriate time in worship and we’ll make them available on Lakeview Alive.

~Pastor John

Share with us how you are being the church!


I know He is always with me

Listening to Pastor Ross’s sermon telling the story of the kitten falling to the little girl is how I have experienced God in my life. For some reason God has performed miracles in my life and like the little girl I look up and say this is a miracle! I know He is always with me. How else can these miracles be explained. Barbara Kolacki

This church has so many events

The Sunday services online, coupled with the classes and other meetings also held online are amazing. This church has so many events for us OLD SCHOOLERS that we can’t catch everything they offer…..the folks in the pews are genuine and are great to talk with during coffee and baked things after the traditional service….the sunday school goes over the service to help us reinforce what we heard and the folks who help out for each service and other activities are…

Easter Cards

Matt , my sister, and I made Easter cards for the residents at Sun Valley Lodge. For those that have no family nor friends to check on them. Just to let them know someone is thinking of them. Barbara Kolaki

A Day in the Life of Being the Church

How I am being the church What does a typical day of “being the church” look like for us? I doubt that there is such a thing for us as a typical day, but I will describe what one day looked like for me. After spending the morning on jury duty, I came home and changed to go running. First, however, I watered plants and pulled weeds for a neighbor who is out of town. Then I talked with another…

Helping a Neighbor

This video and writing is a good reminder to us the church to be reaching out beyond ourselves to our neighbors and families even if it is a simple wave or hello. No man is island. Last week a neighbor who lives in my courtyard knocked on my door to check in on me and make sure I was alright. “I haven’t seen you and just wanted to make sure you’re alright”. I thanked him, told him I was fine.…

We Need Greeting Cards

We were asked by Sun Valley Lodge if we would write letters to the residents who are in assisted living . They are sheltered in their apartments and are fearful. We will begin this week writing letters of encouragement and strength. I’ve recruited my sister to help. Also, making lap quilts for foster children. I heard there will most likely be an increase in abuse of children during the pandemic due to parents stress. Also found a website that needs…
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