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Sunday, Sundae, Serve

March 15 Some of our friends who are not into church think that what we do is sing a droning song or two and hear a boring sermon. Hopefully our singing and sermons are neither! Who do you know who doesn’t have a church home? Perhaps it’s that new fellow who just moved here from Iowa or maybe the nice couple from Michigan who just bought the condo down the way. It might be that friendly clerk at the store…

PRISM – Peoples Response In Supporting Music

Do you have musical instruments gathering dust? PRISM is a very small grass-roots group of people with a passion for music working to help equip school children with the opportunity to learn to play an instrument. They are looking for guitars, violins, flutes/recorders, brass & woodwinds, drums, keyboards, music stands, bags/cases and even music books. If you have items you’d like to donate, contact Daniel or Cherry Blue at 602-501-8185. They will pick up or arrange a drop-off.  Pastor John

The Light of the Glory of God

Mark 9:2-9 By Sarah S. Howell The Transfiguration is a narrative in which revelation and mystery meet. Jesus’ place among the prophets is confirmed as he appears with Elijah and Moses, and a voice from on high declares his relationship to and authority from God. The disciples are bewildered, afraid, and unsure how to respond. Christian prayers and hymnody have strongly reinforced the idea of giving glory to God or glorifying God. Some traditions prioritize prayer or morality or social…

God’s Freely Given Love

Isaiah 40:21-31 By V. Bruce Rigdon Have you ever felt as if there were no hope for anything good in your life to happen, as if every possibility for your dreams to come true had been destroyed? That was the plight of those to whom this passage is directed. Babylon had invaded Judah, destroyed the Temple, threatened all of the institutions from which the people expected God’s faithfulness to be manifested and had carried many of its inhabitants into a…

Thank You’s for February 2020

It was so nice to be honored between services with many of the church members. Thank you, for the delicious cakes served for all of us to enjoy. Also, thanks to Pastor John and Pastor Ross for recognizing me at the 10:30 a.m. service.  I have met many nice people in our church and will miss seeing them on Sundays, as their usher.  We have the best members and special pastors – John, Ross, & Linda. Jim Betz The family…

Financial Report for February 2020

Finance Report PRAISE GOD, PRAISE GOD and Thank You All who gave so that Lakeview United Methodist Church could end the year in the BLACK by Over $24,000. What a wonderful ending to the year 2019! For December only, Lakeview People did over $72,000, what a great month. As I said last month, I had faith that Lakeview UMC would end the year in the black because God has ALWAYS been faithful to His word and His people have been…

Pastor John’s View for Feburary, 2020

Tales from the Mountain Aunt Jewell was my Uncle Charlie’s wife. She was his second wife and had been Charlie’s sister-in-law though I never knew Jewel’s sister. Charlie and Jewell owned all the houses on our block except ours. Sometime back around 1915 or so, he moved the house from Leroux Street where it was the parsonage to the Methodist Church and where the living room served as the town’s public library. My grandpa Rawson bought the house and Jewell…

CancerCare – Lung Cancer Part 1

Lung Cancer Part One in Conjunction with Cancer Treatment Centers of America Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the United States and, by far, the leading cause of cancer deaths. According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), more than 234,000 Americans were diagnosed with lung cancer in 2018. An estimated 154,000 Americans died from lung cancer in 2018, more than three times more than colorectal cancer, the next most deadly cancer, according to the…

Hear and Heed

Deuteronomy 18:15-20 By Nancy Neal Transitions are challenging, whether it’s a new job, a new house, a new community, or a new church. We react in a variety of ways during transitions. Sometimes we are cranky, sometimes we quietly turn inward, and sometimes we just keep ourselves busy. In the uncertainty, we want certainty. While we cannot gaze into a crystal ball and know the future, this passage assures us that God will guide us and continue to speak to…

Proceed toward Promise

Jonah 3:1-5 By Amy Persons Parkes Second chances often begin with someone covered in vomit. (See Jonah 2:10.) Perhaps our own second chances began with the nauseous feeling produced when truth and denial converged inside of us. In this way, Jonah’s story is similar to our own. The first time God spoke to Jonah and called him to the onerous task of offering grace and forgiveness to his nation’s archenemy, Jonah ran from the promise of a second chance for…

Faces of Revelation

1 Samuel 3:1-9 By J. DANA TRENT Thousands of messages inundate us daily. It’s no wonder we sometimes feel we don’t know God. The constant noise that surrounds us can muffle even God’s powerful voice. It often takes repeated attempts and the wisdom of others to help us discern our Creator’s call. First Samuel is set in the early life of Israel, a precarious time when the “word of the Lord was rare.” Though the Israelites had known strong leaders…

What God Imagines

 Psalm 8 and Ecclesiastes 3:1-13 by Carolyn Whitney-Brown I want to propose a challenge for the New Year: Memorize Psalm 8 and Ecclesiastes 3:1-13. Psalm 8 offers a perspective both calming and energizing, especially in these pre-Epiphany days. As Christmas lights disappear from homes and businesses, the psalm speaks of a different kind of epiphany. Consider the creation around you, the amazing perfection of each exquisite, interconnected piece. Deeper than our wisdom is the mystery of God the Creator. In…