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Challenging you to the Lord’s Prayer

I cannot say OUR if I live only for myself. I cannot say FATHER if I do not endeavor each day to act like His child. I cannot say WHO ART IN HEAVEN if I am laying up no treasures there. I cannot say HALLOWED BE THY NAME if I am not striving for holiness. I cannot say THY KINDOM COME if I am not doing all in my power to hasten that wonderful event. I cannot say THY WILL…

Clayton’s Testimony

My mother had a saying that intrigued me. When asked how she was doing, she would say, “I’ve been able to keep body and soul together.” What did she mean by that? Was both her body and soul healthy? How did she keep both glowing with health?

Pastor John’s View for February

Perhaps I would have learned about prayer from someone else, but June took the time to teach me; thank you June! We prayed about most everything from food to business, family and beyond.

February Financial Report

Finance News How did we end 2018 financially? We are excited to report that we ended the year in the black! Our income was; $839,402 and expenses were $808,985 leaving us $30,417 cash to carry over to 2019. Our expenses were nearly $20,000 under budget! Thank you to each team leader for working to keep expenses under control! Thank you to each of you for your generous giving! Our ministry budget for 2019 does have an increase in it of…

Fishing in Deeper Waters

Psalm 138 How easy it is to give God thanks in the midst of worship-the choir sings, the music resounds, the sanctuary fills with God’s praise. Now the work week starts-how easy is it to offer that same praise as one stumbles through morning preparations and sets off to the workplace? For me Monday is a full day, and I’m not always filled with praise for God. The consideration of prostrating myself before God conjures up an image of falling…

God, Bible, and Community

Psalm 19:1-6 While walking in the desert one night, far from the city lights, I stared at the sky layered with bright, twinkling stars. I realized how amazing and great this creation is, while recognizing  my own smallness . Against the breadth and depth of God’s limitless sky, I acknowledged how little I understand about this universe, how many voices I cannot hear! God  does not limit  community  to humankind  and the things we build and gather around ourselves .…

Pals meeting

January 7, 2019 Present: Barbara Littlejohn, Jerry & Marva Fife, Kathe Wilson, Jan & Brian Baker, Maggie Atterbury, Susan Briner, Judy Bell, Eileen Pike, Ross Parrott, and Linda De Atley. Discussion: The meeting centered around getting the word out about services the network of PALS provides and attracting new volunteers to help out on short-term assignments. Suggestions included: Skits (live and videotaped for services & TNT), Personal Witness from volunteers and recipients of services (separately and jointly), Print material (Marva…
Psalm 36_5

Divine Comedy in Seven Acts

 Psalm 36:5-10 Classically speaking, a comedy isn’t necessarily funny. What makes a story or situation comic rather than tragic is its perspective on human nature and destiny. Remember Dante’s Divine Comedy? I bet many of us never made it out of Part 1: Hell. But we know that after Hell comes Part II: Purgatory and finally Part III: Paradise. That final arrival makes the whole thing, ultimately, a comedy. How does comedy differ from tragedy? The tragic view emphasizes our…

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

January 21 – 25, 2019 The services will be held at noon with a half hour of service and a simple lunch to follow. Food donations will be received at each service for the Valley View Community Food Bank. Items most needed are: chunky soup, peanut butter and jelly, canned meat, pasta and sauce, canned vegetables, and canned fruit. Schedule of locations: Monday: Church of the Palms (14808 N Boswell) Tuesday: St Elizabeth Seton (9728 Palmeras Dr.) Wednesday: Faith Presbyterian…

The January Financial Report

Balanced Budget Your Finance Committee is glad to report for the second year in a row, we have presented a balanced budget. Late in September, all departments submitted their budget request for 2019. An ad hoc committee previewed all requests and made some changes (only a few). From these changes, the Finance Committee spent part of their October, November, & December meetings going over the request. Finally, in December, the Finance Committee noted their approval and later the Administrative Council…

Actions speak louder than words

January’s “Thank You” notes; I wanted to thank you for allowing me to use your facility for Lois Griswold’s “90th” Birthday party. You were so trusting and giving even though I’m not a member of your church. Frank Cammarata was so helpful and sweet to make sure everything was just how I wanted it. The party was a success due to the wonderful people and the openness to share your facility. Thank you, JoDee Clark Thank you to all the…