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The Online Church Directory is here!

You can access the online directory on your desktop or laptop computer or through a mobile app you can install on your tablet or smart phone. Instruction for getting the online directory If you do not have an email setup with the church office or you are using one that is different from the one we have on file in the church office you will need to contact us before you will be able to access the online directory.

Monthly Financial Report May 2020

Financial Report for May 2020 PRAISE GOD For Another Good Financial Month at Lakeview!! As you can see below everyone who calls Lakeview home did another GOOD job in May of following God’s lead to give generously.  Although we had a small loss in the month of May of $3,062 negative we continued to have a positive for May Year-to-Date (YTD) of $3,485.  Another reason this is so great is because based on past experiences, we were expecting May YTD…
FromThe Desk Pastor John

Pastor John’s View Point for July 2020

In Acts 16, Paul and Silas are thrown into prison after Paul had commanded an evil spirit from a slave girl and her owners lost the profit from her fortune telling (v16-21). Paul and Silas were beaten and jailed for disruption. During the night there was an earthquake and the doors to the jail were opened and when the jailer realized what had happened, he started to kill himself but Paul stopped him and said, “Don’t harm yourself. We are…


Circle Meetings take a summer sabbatical, even longer since it started several months early. But our Book Club and Circles and their Leaders are still available to give you updates and information. We hope to begin meeting again in September!! DELL – Marion Kolb, LeaderMary Martha – Jackie Mobed, Leader       Crafty Crafters – Barbara Kolacki       Book Club – Lynn Thornton So much has happened, or NOT happened, if you hadn’t noticed! Our Spring Unit Meeting and Tea was cancelled, and…

Habitat for Humanity

Like every other organization, Habitat for Humanity has been impacted by the Corona virus.  Virtually all of Habitat’s central Arizona building projects have been suspended since March.  The only exception was the completion of one home, as it was in its final stages when the recommendations to quarantine were just beginning.  But the organization stands ready to return to providing housing options for struggling families once the critical period of infections has passed.  In the interim, Habitat is doing whatever…

Financial Report for April 2020

Financial Report for April 2020 PRAISE GOD For Another Good Month at Lakeview!! As you can see   below everyone who calls Lakeview home did another GOOD job in April of following God’s lead to give generously.  We continued to have a positive in the month of April and our Year-to-Date (YTD) continued to show a positive amount over $6,500.  Another reason this is so great is because based on past experiences, we were expecting April YTD to be about $8,900…

1Mission 2020

On Saturday, February 29, 2020, the United Methodist Church Desert Southwest Conference sent a group of short-term missionaries to Puerta Peñasco for the 2020 1Mission house building project. Lakeview, Willowbrook and guests joined forces this year with Pastor Ross Parrott,    Susan Briner, Bev Amperse, Liz Peck, Glenn Allinger, Harold Glick, Kim Parks, and Jim and Carole Smith. These nine workers joined together for the second weekend of a four weekend house build. We were very blessed to help build with the…
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Pastor John’s View June 2020

Tales from the Mountain Evan as I wrote the title for this month’s article, I had to stop and just say, “Whoa! How did we get to June and at this time of writing, I still have no idea when we will actually worship together physically. I think I was eleven when dad and I drove out to the cinder hills east of Flagstaff in our 1948 Willy’s Jeep. It was painted battleship grey and had a homemade plywood top.…
FromThe Desk Pastor John

When Will We Worship Together Again

Reconnecting 2020 March 15 was our last “in-person” worship and since, we’ve been apart but together in Christ’s Spirit and through the blessing of technology allowing us to see one another and even connect despite some being thousands of miles away. But it’s not the same, is it? When will we be able to open the sanctuary doors? Governor Ducy’s order has expired and business is re-opening across the state, and you may legitimately ask, “Why aren’t we going back…
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Sunday Worship When the Sanctuary is Empty

I think all of us wondered what would happen when we were left with few choices for worship on Sunday when it became necessary to stop meeting at the campus for a time. Lakeview is truly blessed with the Media Arts Team led by Glad Kynaston along with Johnson and Toni. We have been live-streaming to YouTube and Facebook for nearly three years. This is the “television” of the future and we have our own “channel”, Lakeview Alive. Up through…

A Word from Bishop Bob

May 6, 2020 Dear Members and Friends of the Desert Southwest Conference, A week ago, I posted my update regarding the directive to suspend all in-person worship and gatherings in churches and ministry settings in the Desert Southwest Conference. Since then, in consultation with many sources and in conversations with persons with scientific and medical expertise and experience, I have determined that we must continue the suspension. This is not a simple nor is it an easy decision. I am…
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Pastor John’s View May 2020

Tales from the Mountain December 13, 1967. I don’t remember a lot of dates (though I ALWAYS remember Valerie’s birthday and our anniversary!!!) but this date sticks in my mind. It was the day that two weather fronts collided over Flagstaff and then decided to hang out for a few days dropping 84” of snow; 7 feet! I was just 8 years-old and staying at my cousin, Tim’s house on Fort Valley Road, just outside the city limits, though in…