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Phone Friends

Phone Friends

Meeting Tuesday There will be a meeting of the Phone Friends on Tuesday, April 24 at 1:30 PM in the Conference Room. The Phone Friends are part of the Caring Committee who make phone calls to people from our church who need a friend.
Do You Love Me


John 21:15-19 Some of our best moments come after a good meal. Jesus addresses impetuous Peter, asking three times, “Do you love me?” Each time Peter declares his love, Jesus tells Peter to “feed my lambs,””tend my sheep,” and “feed my sheep.” the repeated questions frustrates Peter and hurts his feeling. Peter affirms love of Jesus and faithfulness to the task. But Jesus recognizes Peter’s youthful impetuosity and indicates that the journey to maturity will bring difficulties not even imagined…

I Shall Not Want

John 10:22-30 Growing up in the Texas panhandle, my family drove many miles across wide open spaces for vacations or to visit family. My brother would read and I would sleep. My grandmother sat between us to keep the peace in the backseat. After a while the monotony of the miles would take its toll, and one of us would start the eternal questions: “Are we there yet?” “How much longer?” We were impatient passengers along for the ride. “How…

Attention All Crafters!

Craft Fair The date for the Craft Fair will be Saturday, October 20, 2018. Jackie Mobed will be the chair this year. Rummage Sale The Rummage Sale dates will be Friday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27. Times to be determined. Susan Briner will chair the event again this year.

New Members

New Members Received Today We welcome two new members today during the 9 AM Worship Services. A reception will be held in Smoot Hall between services to meet and welcome them to Lakeview. Cake will be served.

On the Horizon

Feeding the Mind, body and soul Bowling ATTENTION: The ladies “FUN BOWLING” has begun. Starting April 3rd we will be bowling at Bell Recreation Center for the month at 9:00 AM every Tuesday. We welcome anyone who just wants to bowl for fun. PLEASE JOIN US. For further information contact Sandi Caskey @ (623) 972-4290 or Marcia Greendyk @ (623) 850-6838. Mary Martha Circle The Mary Martha Circle will meet on Tuesday, April 10 at 1:00 PM. The hostesses will…

God’s Human Speech 2

Psalm 150 “May everything that breathes praise the Lord!” Saying those words immediately brings to my mind the twirling bodies and grinning faces of sisters Grace and Lindsay. Ages four and one, they fill our small church sanctuary each Sunday with an infectious delight.


Outreach Lakeview UMC participated in the Mission1 project in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. The Santillan Oquita family were proud recipients of a home. Thank you to all the volunteers who participated!
Jesus Appears

God’s Human Speech

John 20:19-23 We tend to think of language as the essential element of communication, but it’s not. Eye movement, tone of voice, physical gestures, volume, space, and time play a larger part in the meaning we take from other people’s messages to us and the ways our conversations are heard and interpreted by others.
Easter Eggs

Mission & Outreach for April

Easter Bucket Drive Once again you have made the Easter bucket drive a success. THANK YOU! Monday, March 12, I had the opportunity to visit Halle Center to help serve dinner. We took a bus full of your donations of citrus and linens. Halle’s Center is housed in an old motel purchased by UMOM for homeless women. The goal of the experienced and dedicated staff is to provide temporary shelter for these women and assist them in returning to a…

UMW – Looking Forward

Sat., Apr. 21, 11-12:30 p.m. Sign up required.  Unit Meeting. Come and join us for “Tea Time.” Play “dress up” and wear your Sunday best dress, hat and gloves (or not!) and join us for a variety of teas (other drinks provided—not everyone is a tea-totaler!), tea sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, lemon curd and more. We will learn about the history and how to properly “serve tea.” If you have a favorite tea cup and saucer, bring it and share…