About Us

About Us

Hello! Welcome to Lakeview United Methodist Church. We are a welcoming fellowship of the children of God. Our hope is to bring kindness to the community of Sun City and beyond through our love of God and our neighbor.

Our motto is to have “Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Doors”!

“The love and expectancy one feels during an initial visit to Lakeview UMC  is awe-inspiring. When we share God’s love with people, we are participating in ministry that has an eternal significance.”


Our denomination of the United Methodist Church has more than eight (8) million members all over the world. Locally we offer a full schedule of Church and religious activities which have the four tasks of proclamation, teaching, service and community.

Lakeview is an amazing retirement congregation, providing fellowship and opportunities for service in so many different ways. It is a joy to sing, work and play here. God is our leader in all that we do!

Marion Kolb – Sun City

Our Vision – to change lives for Christ by:

  • Sharing the Good News
  •  Caring for One Another
  •  Growing in the Image of Christ


    •  To introduce people to Jesus Christ in positive ways.
    • To disciple believers through small fellowship groups.
    •  To celebrate life.
  •  To offer hope and healing.


To help people transform their lives,

    •  by worshiping God in spirit and in truth emphasizing Biblical preaching.
    •  by growing in the image of Jesus Christ and walking with him daily.
    •  by caring for one another in Christian love and kindness.
    •  by sharing the good news of what God has done in Christ’s one life.
  •  by following His example guided by the Holy Spirit in humble service.

The Lakeview Dream

…began on Palm Sunday March 22, 1970 when Rev. Leonard J. Smoot and his wife, Miriam, first met with a small group of dedicated Christians in Sun City, Arizona to establish a new Methodist Church. The small congregation dreamed together as they looked out over a barren corner at 103rd Avenue and Thunderbird Boulevard. THE DREAM took root in fertile soil and flourishes as a fountain of Christian Love in what was once arid desert. With a strong commitment from the then present and potential followers, THE DREAM will surely continue to flourish and last for many years to come.

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