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On the Shelf for October 2020

Hello to all the faithful readers of the Library section of the Lakeviewer!  Hopefully, this section will again become a part of the Lakeviewer. I do have a book which is available in the Betty Barrick Library.  John Adams by David McCullough  It is very interesting and completely historical from beginning to the last page.  I didn’t realize how much John Adams did for the United States from before the start of the revolution through his presidency.  This book opened…

Financial Report for August 2020

Financial Report for August 2020 PRAISE GOD  That Lakeview UMC is Positive for the Month of August BUT ALSO Through August Year-To-Date As you can see below Lakeview UMC is positive for August Year-to-Date (YTD), but what you cannot see is that the month of August was also positive. There are a couple of factors that need further explanation. First I want to praise all our members who came through in the month of August. While August giving by our…
FromThe Desk Pastor John

Pastor John’s View for October 2020

I don’t know about you, but this kind of looks like our summer….. dry, hot, with a road that seems impassible. The sands keep shifting and we don’t know what is coming next or how we’ll get to the next place we need to be. We’ve not been able to meet in person for so long, the road ahead just stretches beyond our vision. By now you have received a letter and/or the email with the good news that we…