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Financial Report for March 2020

Finance Report First I want to Praise God and Everyone at Lakeview United Methodist Church for the Wonderful end to the financial year 2019.  The month of December not only exceeded our December expenses by $72,338, we ended up with a surplus of $24,488, because we wiped out the November’s shortfall of about $48,000.  God is indeed good and greatly to be Praised! But as my work bosses always told me, we are grateful for what you did last year…

Pastor John’s View for March 2020

I remember a conversation starter we did in our high school youth group.  It went something like this: You are about to be marooned on a remote island, but you have three minutes to gather three things to take with you. What three things will you take? Of course, there’s no right answer and sometimes the responses are pretty hilarious. There is a deeper question to ponder, though, and I think it is worthy of asking. On Sundays we are…

CancerCare – Lung Cancer Part 2

Part Two of Lung Cancer The type of treatment a patient receives for lung cancer may depend on the type of lung cancer and whether the disease has metastasized (spread) to distant body parts. The types of lung cancer and their treatments include: Small cell lung cancer: This type of lung cancer may be aggressive and may require immediate treatment. Treatments for small cell lung cancer include: Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Laser therapy, Radiation therapy and Surgery.  And Non-small cell lung cancer:…

Crafty Crafters

Attention Crafters:   We need YOU!!!!!!    Sarah Circle has changed their name.  We are now called Crafty Crafters to fit our purpose. Time:  12:30 Date :   2nd Thursday of Every Month Place:   Smoot Hall lower level Please join us and bring your ideas and creativity to share. If you are unable to attend but would like to be a member of Crafty Crafters, we welcome you and will register you as a member. We will have a presentation on a new…

The Heifer Report for March 2020

The “Joy To The World” program has come to an end. The final results will be published on March 7, 2020. But be assured, it was a big help to many in need. Now, for the months of March and April, we are going to have our second “Flock Sale.” For each $20 donation, we will send a Flock of Chicks, Ducklings or Goslings (your choice) to a needy family. This will allow this family to break the chains of…
Book Club

On the Shelf for March 2020

Welcome to the Betty Barrick Library We have a couple of books that our readers should enjoy reading! Shades of Light by Sharon Garlough Brown It starts with Wren and her mother living in Australia. Twenty years later, Wren sees a news clip of beached whales in New Zealand. This tragedy causes Wren to check into the Glenwood Psychiatric Hospital to get some help. She has trouble thinking about the whales and if they will survive. After a couple of…

Sunday, Sundae, Serve

March 15 Some of our friends who are not into church think that what we do is sing a droning song or two and hear a boring sermon. Hopefully our singing and sermons are neither! Who do you know who doesn’t have a church home? Perhaps it’s that new fellow who just moved here from Iowa or maybe the nice couple from Michigan who just bought the condo down the way. It might be that friendly clerk at the store…

PRISM – Peoples Response In Supporting Music

Do you have musical instruments gathering dust? PRISM is a very small grass-roots group of people with a passion for music working to help equip school children with the opportunity to learn to play an instrument. They are looking for guitars, violins, flutes/recorders, brass & woodwinds, drums, keyboards, music stands, bags/cases and even music books. If you have items you’d like to donate, contact Daniel or Cherry Blue at 602-501-8185. They will pick up or arrange a drop-off.  Pastor John

Heifer Gift Basket Update

Here it is friends.  The last full week to participate in the “Joy to the World” Gift Basket.  We are only $706.50 from our #5 Gift Basket donation.  It would eventually raise another 81 families out of hunger and poverty.  This has been a heart-warming program, and the Lakeview United Methodist Men want to thank all who took part in any way.  Next week a new program will start – read about it next week.  Below are some more people…
Heifer Project

Heifer Update for Feburary 15, 2020

“Passing the Gift” One of the many successes of the Heifer Project, and probably the most successful, is the “Passing the Gift.”  It is the requirement of Heifer recipients that the first-born female of the animals they received is passed on.  It goes to a neighbor, friend or relative and thus starts another family toward self-reliance.  And then, in Heifer history, it is found the gift is passed on an average of nine times.  In fact, in 2002, Heifer celebrated…

The Light of the Glory of God

Mark 9:2-9 By Sarah S. Howell The Transfiguration is a narrative in which revelation and mystery meet. Jesus’ place among the prophets is confirmed as he appears with Elijah and Moses, and a voice from on high declares his relationship to and authority from God. The disciples are bewildered, afraid, and unsure how to respond. Christian prayers and hymnody have strongly reinforced the idea of giving glory to God or glorifying God. Some traditions prioritize prayer or morality or social…

Heifer Update for February 8, 2020

Heifer “Joy to The World” Update Last week I received a card from each of the two representatives from Heifer that spoke at TNT. They both were very appreciative of the support that this congregation gives to the Heifer Project. On the cover of one card was an African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Lakeview United Methodist Church has done both, together! Thank you all for that. The…
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