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On the Shelf for November 2019

Welcome to Betty Barrick Library on the shelf We have quite a lot of wonderful books that you might want to read for your next adventure. The Paris Seamstress by Natasha Lester This is about a young dressmaker who flees from France to America when the Nazis invade the country in World War II. She was a spy in the couturier houses in Paris. In other words, she copied the cut of the new styles and sent them to America…

Heifer Update for November 2019

November Heifer Update As I reported in the weekly update, the impact of the Gift Ark will help some 738 families around the world.  What an amazing story we have to tell and I hope each of you reading this tells that story.  Now this program has ended, so there will be more help going out to the poor and hungry. The new program is called the “Joy to the World Gift Basket.”  This wonderful basket consists of 2 Sheep,…

The Tensions of Faith

Psalm 119:137- 144 By Bruce A. Mitchell The Bible is packed with stories of individuals tested by God – tested so severely, in fact, that you wonder why they don’t turn their backs on God. What keeps them from asking, “What’s the use? God doesn’t hear my prayers, and maybe even doesn’t care about me anymore.” One of the media world’s heroes was Superman. In my early high-school years I looked forward to every Superman comic book that came along.…

Heifer Update for October 26, 2019

Heifer Update “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will read                a harvest if we do not give up.” ~Galatians 6:9   Edith Moreno Lopez, Clara Mariflor Perez Arriaga and Lubia Aguilar Gonzales in their Aviary.  Together they have 210 hives of Honey Bees.  They were told, “The only thing (women) can do is prepare lunch and stay at home with the kids.  They don’t know anything about agriculture.”  They and Heifer…

On the Shelf for October 26, 2019

Love’s Rescue by Tammy Barley A western Romance that will keep you spellbound for more! Brunch at Bittersweet Cafe by Carla Laureano A romance between an airplane pilot and a pastry chef.

In God’s Own Time

Psalm 65 By James C. Van Der Walt Psalm 65 expresses thanks for rain, which in the dry climate of the Middle East is seen as a blessing from God. People pray for rain so they can irrigate their crops, so that the harvest will be abundant, so that the community can be fed, so that neighbors can enjoy a comfortable existence side-by-side with one another. It is easier to live peacefully when the community experiences abundance rather than scarcity.…

Heifer Update for October 19, 2019

Heifer Summary “They went into the Ark with Noah, two and two of all flesh in which there was the breath of life.” Genesis 7:15 I couldn’t resist – just have to give everyone a short summary of what this program has done thus far.  With everyone’s support we have donated (to date) the following: 2 Community Animal Vet Kits, 2 Alpacas, 2 Flock of Ducks; 4 Heifers, 4 Sheep, 4 Oxen, 4 Water Buffalo, 4 Pigs, 4 Trios of…

Hearts, Minds, Love

Psalm 119:97-104 By Sudarshana Devadhar Much earlier than Jeremiah’s prophecy, the psalmist’s words attest to his love for the law, the law called by many names. According to the translation in the New International Version, the laws are also called “commands,” “statutes,” “precepts,” and “word.” The psalmist clearly loves all of them. The psalmist offers several reasons for loving the law of God. One is because laws are sweet and powerful. In expressing the nature of its sweetness, the psalmist…

Heifer Update for October 12,2019

Heifer Update September is behind us – so here are the results of our donations.  For September the Ark was again loaded 2 x 2 with Alpacas, Trios of Rabbits and Hives of Honeybees.  But, wait, via a phone call to Heifer International, I have been assured that our donations this month will be matched.  So now the results are 4 x 4.  Praise God!   Our present program of the “Gift Ark” will end on October 31.  Any gifts…

Abject Weakness and Unquenchable Power

Luke 17:11-19 By Brian W. Grant Jesus has set off on his journey to Jerusalem and Golgotha and stumbled upon the most stigmatized people of his time. In this borderland, where Jews and Samaritans live across invisible boundaries on the same streets, he meets ten lepers. Any of today’s healers would find it challenging to redeem the lives of a handful of undocumented HIV-positive immigrants with the wrong religion. It’s a daily dilemma to parcel out our finite healing power…

Cancer – Now What?

Cancer Support Group Starts October 21 The Cancer Support Group will begin meeting each Monday in the Conference Room at 11 am till Noon.  The co-facilitators are Jackie Mobed, R.N. and Betty Stewart.  We will use the book Cancer – Now What? by Kenneth C. Haugk, PhD.  This class is OPEN to anyone whose life has been touched by cancer. If you have cancer, had cancer, are caring for someone who has cancer or you may have cancer , this…

Heifer Update for October 5, 2019

Heifer Update: Vietnam Tran Van Cong and his wife Phan Thi Loc have not always been of good cheer. But Heifer changed that. Now they have a better income and find it easier to share. Loc’s family worked as day laborers. They caught fish at night to eat and sell. Fish were easier to spot at night, but that was when the bombing was more intense. Loc and Cong made their living raising rice and beef cattle. Extended droughts caused…
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