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Fall Prevention

Have you fallen recently?  Were you hurt? Did you tell anyone—a doctor, a friend, a family member? Are you so afraid of falling that you no longer take part in activities you enjoy? FEAR OF FALLING is your worst enemy! If you are afraid of falling, you don’t go out as much, resulting in social isolation, loneliness and depression; you move less, causing your muscles to weaken and lose flexibility; you tend to walk leaning forward, throwing off your balance.…

Generations of the Faithful

Luke 17:1-10 By James S. Helme Sometimes we need the “whole story” in order to understand what’s happening. The first four verses of Luke 17 shed some additional light on the disciples and us as generations of the faithful. Jesus has just given the disciples some “hard” teachings: (1) you better not cause another to stumble in his or her faith journey; (2) you will need to rebuke other disciples if they sin; and (3) you must forgive those who…

On the Shelf for October 2019

Welcome to the Betty Barrick Library! We have a couple of Amish stories by Wanda E. Brustetter, for those who enjoy reading them.                                      On Her Own This is the continuing story of Faith who returned to the home of her youth in Book One, Going Home.  Faith is now married to Noah Hertzler and has two children. Melinda, her daughter from her first marriage, and Isaiah, Noah’s son. She has, of course, joined the Amish faith. You…

Thank You’s for October 2019

Thank You   To all the members and friends of Lakeview Methodist Church. For all the kindness and generosity in moving me from my house to my new apartment, and all the dedication and work in setting up and attending to the estate sale. I don’t know how to thank you enough. You are all “heroes” in our book. Alyce and I both thank you.                                                                                                                             Robert Coulson      I would like to THANK everyone who sent cards, called me…
Caring Hands_012

A Letter from a Loved One

A letter from a loved one Dear Brother David,    And if you are receiving this, you are indeed a friend.  I just wanted you to know how very grateful I am that you were a part of my life.    It has been a wonderful life; thanks to my parents and sibs; my good husband, Ted; our five wonderful children, their families and friends like yourself.    Keep on growing, glowing and knowing that we will meet again.  But…

Heifer Update for September 28, 2019

Isaiah says it best in chapter 58 verse 10, “Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble.  Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be bright as noon.” Just look at those faces.  They truly love their Heifer Animals.  They will produce meat, milk, eggs, wool and more.  The excess of those products will produce “money” with which families can purchase food, clothing, shelter and send their children to school. Thank you…

Stephen Ministry

The risen Christ told his followers to teach, heal and give hope to people wherever they  meet  them. As Christ’s disciples, we are directed to do likewise.  St. Paul  said  we  should  bear one another’s burdens.  These directives from the early Christian church shape and mold the ministry of offering care and comfort in today’s world just as they did so long ago. Stephen Ministry Stephen Ministry was begun in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1975, to ensure that lay ministers…

Presence and Protection

1 Timothy 6:11-19 By Isaac Matshidisho Moloabi With God’s people, the Lord will make “poverty history.” Paul who has written to Timothy about being content with life and not setting his mind on worldly riches, now says to him: “But as for you, man of God, shun all this; pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, gentleness take hold of the eternal life.” He then leaves a “commandment” for Timothy and therefore to our world that includes the following: “to do…

Heifer Update for Sept. 21, 2019

Did you Know? Pigs are considered by many to be among the smartest domestic animals and can run an impressive 11 miles per hour. Not only can they run 11 miles per hour, they can go from 3 pounds (at birth) to 200 pounds in 6 months. Even though some cultures don’t eat pork, they are still among the world’s most popular animals. Heifer families find they can double their income raising pigs. The men’s “Gift Ark” campaign continues to…

A Passion for God

Psalm 79:1-9 By Harry C. Kiely The heartache of tragic loss is an experience common to most of us. A severe family crisis related to job loss, the sudden death of a loved one, the revelation of infidelity, a devastating flood­ these kinds of trials push us to the wall and make us cry out. In those circumstances, how shall we pray? Dare we come to God and bare our true feelings, even feelings that God has in some way…

Heifer Update for Sept. 14, 2019

Heifer Update So, I had to bring my original staff back.  They are so excited because of last months donations.  And now the rest of the story.  For August 2019, the donations were: 2 Flocks of Chicks, 2 Flocks of Ducks, 4 Gifts of Honeybees, 4 Trios of Rabbits and 2 Goats.  Wouldn’t you like to see the expressions of the 14 recipient families?  Now they have the opportunity to lift themselves out of hunger and poverty while sustaining the…

A Stephen Minister Story

Mary Larrabee’s life was a mess! Her marriage ended in divorce, she underwent two major surgeries, and then her grown son was murdered. It was as though a manure truck kept backing over her and dumping on her. She was matched with Kathy, a Stephen Minister and a fellow member of her church, who met with her each week for about a year. Kathy would hold her hand and listen and pray with her. She didn’t give Mary specific advice…
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