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Right Relationship with God

Luke 11:5-13 by Terry A. DeYoung An important factor in prayer is recognizing the one to whom we pray. In providing his disciples with a template for prayer, Jesus begins with prayer’s relational component, addressing God as Father, and not as an impersonal, universal force. The depth of our prayer life reflects the intimate, personal relationship that we have with the God of the universe, the one who created all that is, seen and unseen. Luke carefully includes more about…

Heifer Report for July 27, 2019

Heifer Ranch The 1200-acre ranch is located in the foothills of the Quachita mountains in Perryville, Arkansas.  This is a working ranch along with an educational center.  Here you can work with the ranch hands, doing day-to-day tasks on a small-scale agricultural operation. The barn features many of the animals that we donate regularly.  During the proper seasons, pig farrowing and lambing can be witnessed and can be participated in. Most is the Global Village. It is a collection of…

Christ in You, the Hope of Glory

Amos 8:1-12 by Robert Charles Leibold On New Year’s Eve dear friend s suddenly found themselves in a life-and-death crisis when their SUV went into an uncontrol­lable spin on black ice. With a full load of groceries and two chil­dren buckled in the rear seat, the SUV flipped over and slammed into a telephone pole, snapping it in  two     – a totally unexpected and frightening moment for this family of four. Sam, father of the two boys, was driving. He…

Heifer Report for July 20, 2019

Heifer Report Last Friday we visited the headquarters of Heifer International in Little Rock, Arkansas. Because of the construction and materials used, the building uses 52% less energy than a conventional building of the same size. Heifer uses graywater, rainwater captured in a collection tower, to supply non-consumable water. The windows allow the staff to work in natural light. Sensors adjust the lighting based on the darkness outside.  In 2007 Heifers Headquarters achieved the highest “Green Building” rating possible. Behind…

On the Shelf for July 20, 2019

Welcome to the Betty Barrick Library! We have a new book that I know you will love to read.  Where Hope Begins by Catherine West  It starts out with a tragedy for Kevin and Samantha Barrington losing their daughter to a car accident in front of their house.  Samantha takes it hard and attempts to kill herself due to Shelby’s death.  Then Kevin has a fling with a coworker and wants to divorce Samantha. Samantha flees to her parent’s lake…

“Creating Creators” Bible Study

“Creating Creators” Holy Cow! Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat’s! Leaping Frogs!  The new bible study about “Creating Creators” is really going to happen. No physical or brain test is needed; hearing aids and eye glasses are okay. Just show up on August 1, 2019 at 1:30 p.m. in the Conference Room, with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face.  Bring your gifts and ideas to build upon. We will have a great time beginning a bible study starting with…

A New Standard

Luke 10:25-37 by Bill Lizor The religious leaders of Jesus’ day were famous for questioning and challenging Jesus and his ministry. In this story a scholar approaches Jesus wanting to know the way to eternal life. The scholar knows the intellectual answer, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself.” The scholar could have left well enough alone at…

On the Shelf for July 13, 2019

The Betty Barrick Library We have some wonderful books that are just waiting to be checked out by anyone who would like a book to read on a warm summer night, especially when there is nothing on TV.  Like this book; Hope’s Promise by Tammy Barley This is Book 2 of her Sierra Chronicles.  It takes place in Nevada among the High Sierra Mountains.  The Civil War is being waged in the East, while in the West it’s more of…

Heifer “Ark” Report for July 13, 2019

We are now at 62.82% of our goal – but, keep reading. * * * News Flash * * * Congratulations LUMC & Friends.  You did it!  In less than a month you have filled the “Gift Ark”.  The check will have been hand-delivered by myself to the President of Heifer International last Friday, July 12th.  God has surely blessed us and put His hand on this project.  We will continue until the program end (Nov. 1st) by donating “ARK”…

It’s Not About Us

Luke 10:1-11 by Carolyn M. Anderson Jesus selects workers to go where he intends to go. He has commissioned twelve and now commissions seventy more! Then as now, there is more to be done than there are workers to do it. And the sense of urgency is great. We live in a time of enormous opportunity. We pray because the need is enormous and the laborers are few. But in praying for more workers we then make ourselves available because…

Heifer Update for July 6th

Well, those oxen are very close to the top.  Currently we are at 47.07% of our goal of $5000 for the Gift Ark. And what comes after that?  The LUMC Foundation will donate a complete ark.  How wonderful.  This week will be an exciting one for the Steen’s.  On Friday the 12th Joyce and I will be touring the Heifer International Headquarters in Little Rock, AR.  Also, on that day we will visit the Heifer Urban Farm.  Then on Saturday…

On the Shelf for July 6, 2019

Welcome to Betty Barrick Library.  We have a book in the UMW section that I think we should read! When Christians Get It Wrong by Adam Hamilton (2013).  It covers everything from the different faiths in our world today plus dealing with homosexuality.  You will have to read this book to get the gist of what is being said. Hope to see you there!
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